There are Christmas Chivers Among Us (120 Photos)

Many thanks to all our Christmas Chivettes for sharing their sexy Christmas spirit with all of us. A personal thanks to all of our amazing Chivettes who submitted this year. You've sent a message to the world that Real is the new Beautiful.

I've received personal notes from so many people ranging from girls with eating disorders we've helped to Hollywood producers thanking theCHIVE and the Chivettes for leading the charge for healthy real women and sex-positive feminism. Give yourselves a pat on your sexy backs, the world is taking note.

As always, submit your photos here.

Finally, stay tuned today. We have something special in store for y'all and I think you're gonna' like it.

Chive On,


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  • Lokobo

    I'm in love
    #12 #13

  • TheSword

    Total overload.
    #34 #49 #69
    #73 Your eyes and smile! Damn woman.
    #114 And now we want evenmore
    #120 The best of Danmark

  • Inmate

    #64 Hanna Montana is a Chiver?

  • Ish

    Would like to see a nonshopped version of #55

  • bunedoggle

    Is it too late to change my Christmas wishlist cause #6 and #55

  • Whoopi_G

    #107 Wins the internet!

  • Anonymous

    Holy Fucken fuck chive. This is the most EPIC chivettes post ever. Well
    Done ladies all of you.

    Ps: #7 takes the honor. Well done you! Now please submit some moar!!!

  • Drew1720

    #76 does anyone know anything about this Chivette????? I swear I know her from the one year I went to high school in Michigan.

  • random


  • random

    SEE MOAR OF #107!!!

  • PBrades

    All I want for Christmas is a Chivette…

  • Dustin Shoup

    #108 You rock! Please keep sending in photos.

  • Tim

    #116 OMG marry me

    • belle_province


  • Rob

    We need to find #107 and #19 ASAP

  • Ron Rico

    #21 hey baby its Arizona tan those kittens wow and Thanks!! The rest of you thanks to you also. Made my day

  • Ron Rico

    #78 and #86 just speachless!!! Can’t put it in to word

  • danny

    #29 wow, u look amazing, hello from miami!!!

  • http://chive edward

    #117 Hellow my name say everything Mrs Holiday you are Gorgeous! !!!

  • http://chive edward

    #117. I would like to see more of you!!!! From Illinois

  • Haha

    LCpl Holliday send more pics
    Simper Fi

  • AmericoPolk

    #116 How could anyone be brutal about her?

  • Beau

    So much goodness I don't even know where to start.

  • spicoli

    117 please twll me ur on pendleton

  • iminent

    #107 If you are reading this PLEASE POST MORE!!!!! You are beautiful!!

  • jdsalz

    # 99 #107 RAWK

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