There are Christmas Chivers Among Us (120 Photos)

Many thanks to all our Christmas Chivettes for sharing their sexy Christmas spirit with all of us. A personal thanks to all of our amazing Chivettes who submitted this year. You've sent a message to the world that Real is the new Beautiful.

I've received personal notes from so many people ranging from girls with eating disorders we've helped to Hollywood producers thanking theCHIVE and the Chivettes for leading the charge for healthy real women and sex-positive feminism. Give yourselves a pat on your sexy backs, the world is taking note.

As always, submit your photos here.

Finally, stay tuned today. We have something special in store for y'all and I think you're gonna' like it.

Chive On,


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  • just_an_anon_guy

    Am I the only one that thought 73 was the prettiest girl, ever?

  • Olivia8

    #39 & # 44 last one… my friend's step-aunt makes $68 hourly on the computer. She has been out of a job for 10 months but last month her paycheck was $7480 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more on this site…

  • seattlereign

    #8, coffee on the ave?

  • khalifaL

    #30 — MOAR

    • lizz

      thanks doll =]

  • ValkerieRocket

    #14 #29 #39 good lord I want to….terrible things.

  • test
  • Klor

    Moar of #8, Chive!

  • Anon

    More of 85 🙂

  • Silky

    Most gorgeous woman Ive seen all year

  • random passer by

    damn number 30! Find her!

  • Etemesi


    Hot damn!!!!

  • Emilio

    If #107 is really airborne we should be married.

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