There are Christmas Chivers Among Us (120 Photos)

Many thanks to all our Christmas Chivettes for sharing their sexy Christmas spirit with all of us. A personal thanks to all of our amazing Chivettes who submitted this year. You've sent a message to the world that Real is the new Beautiful.

I've received personal notes from so many people ranging from girls with eating disorders we've helped to Hollywood producers thanking theCHIVE and the Chivettes for leading the charge for healthy real women and sex-positive feminism. Give yourselves a pat on your sexy backs, the world is taking note.

As always, submit your photos here.

Finally, stay tuned today. We have something special in store for y'all and I think you're gonna' like it.

Chive On,


  • lokito4u

    W.o.W, Merry Christmas Indeed….#7, #16, #17, #97 & #98….and #117, I feel good with you protecting me…;)

  • Vongo

    Would like to meet the owner of

  • Active_hunter

    To all the Chivette's:

    Thank you for making our Fridays better. Have a Safe and Merry Christmas…
    Your all so deliciously beautiful.

  • keef

    For the win

  • earthbound misfit

    Wow! Merry Christmas to all the wonderful Chivettes

  • Chris22

    116 wow first time for ya so don’t stop keep them coming!

  • Lonestar

    For the love of all things Chive you girls out did yourselves! Thanks for the early Christmas gifts! Stay sexy!

  • Dano

    Love the Chivettes, thank you ladies. Love you, every single one.



  • Bill

    #107 Next time find someone to airbrush the veins out. Not very attractive.

    • hth

      Bill, there are plenty of sites on the internet that serve up airbrushed women. This isn't one of them.

      • jprice

        Fuck yea. You probably need to airbrush your personality. Dick.

    • Old Mate

      That's what makes this The Chive and these girls real…no airbrushed shit!
      Keep it up #107, we luv U, your gorgeous just the way you are. Thanks!

  • Big Woodee

    #116 I’ll be brutally honest, you’re hot as hell

  • Santa Claus

    I want to be on you.

    • grammar police


  • knotmee

    wow a vast post of average to below average looking attention seeking women. blech. and thank god for depth of field, because there is a nasty looking ass out of focus in #17

    • theKid

      and not one of them would give you the time of day.

    • Lotus

      Attention seeking, yes. Average, no. Most of these women are very good looking and probably much better off because of it. I'd be more upset by all this "real" garbage spewing out of their mouths. Are we supposed to be impressed because they are not models? A lot of these girls are indistinguishable from models with a little photoshop, so I hardly see how you're making such a profound impact on breaking the beauty mold.

  • chivealive


    Whoa Nellie!

  • ICUP

    After scrolling through all of that, #14 and #117 are simply amazing.

  • Apollos

    where has Lauren been?

  • ryan

    lots of love for the Washington chivettes

  • rockchalk

    #120 you are gorgeous

  • theKid

    #114 I love Erin. that smile crushes me.

  • MoRob

    #9. Blonde

  • jeff

    #6, there's something I'd like to stuff.

  • jeff

    #8, you can't be ready yet, I'm not there to celebrate with you!

  • Ya HI


  • tLoko420

    #9 real world chick?

  • reaperACTUAL

    #117 Hoorah!!!

  • BckWdBoi

    Christmas is a couple days early this year. Wow.
    Thanks to all the sexy Chivettes for all the holiday cheer.
    It just goes to show, real is beautiful.
    Merry Christmas y'all.

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