Christmas Afternoon Randomness (34 HQ Photos)

  • Bryce


    And then on Christmas Day, the Chive finally revealed that Ellen Monohand was only 2 feet tall.

    • Undershooter30

      She is drinking the same stuff today that I am. Merry Christmas to all! KC&CO

    • derrr

      but still perfect

    • BigSoren

      Oh my….you can keep the girl. Hot girls don't like me because I'm a horrible monster of a human being, but….the giant bottle of Woodford would be quite nice.

      • mihaisuzuki

        This is one point of view. I guess everybody has different interests..But still!!

    • bolattery

      Yup Woodford…Fuck Maker's Mark.

  • will

    #13, #14

    you should travel more often

    • _maxPain_

      hyea like in my backyard or even better,I guarantee you'll enjoy visiting my living room !!

    • Me.

      Shit im Albanian and go back to visit all the time. Hopefully i run into her next time im over the pond!

    • MAX_POW

      she should take pics like those more often…..not only when on vacation

    • northerner

      Outstanding wedgies!!!! Awesome!

  • james gate

    #6, #23

    unexpected CAR today

    • THE_Yanni

      "unexpected CAR today"

      that would be a great tombstone epitaph

  • milesclarence


    Super hot. However, she'd be way more attractive if she was breathing instead of holding her breath in picture 1.

    Love the shit out of the second picture.

    • Tarah Sellars

      I assure you I am not sucking in, unfortunatly I am just that tiny. Thanks though!! KCCO

      • Paula_

        It's hard to keep calm with pics like this. Stop posting them!

        – on second thought…. no, post moarrrr…! ❀

      • scream my name

        but you are on the verge of making a stupid duck face…… and you are sucking it in…. but I would still molly-whop the hell out of you….

        • eh.

          Your try sitting on a chair like that without flexing your stomach.

    • Tarah Sellars

      I assure you I am not sucking in just an awkward position, unfortunately I am just that tiny. Thank you though!! KCCO!! πŸ˜€

      • Tarah Sellars

        whoops lol, internet is muffed right meow

        • Old Mate

          Tarah Sellars you have a very nice hump! Merry Christmas πŸ˜‰

      • @Pud_Divine

        No one cares on an honest scale. You're a gorgeous girl were all just jealous we'll never get a shot! Thanks for the pics!

      • xsacredhonourx

        Not sure what all the hate is about, but you look great as always Tarah! And if you are trying gain weight, I am sure I know a few recipes which could help, πŸ™‚

    • Chiver In Bio

      Just another below average attention seeking whore, and yes you are sucking it in.

    • Jamie

      I know, right. Just because she has a body like a real woman and wants to hide it doesn't mean that she should. She should get some some esteem.

      • Tarah Sellars

        LMAO. I weigh 102 pounds and am trying to gaim weight. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to you too…

        • Jawbone

          You posted whored out pics on the internet and now you're arguing in the responses. Jesus, get a fucking life.

          • Haters_Gonna_Hate

            U mad bro?

          • CapnMFingPlanet

            Jesus, it's christmas. leave her the fuck alone and go fap to her pics you legless cock-gopher.

          • TimCoop

            wow someone got some coal for Christmas obviously, btw tarah you look great, and those are the least "whored out pics" I have ever seen. Jawbone is just jealous.

        • CapnMFingPlanet

          you are gorgeous. stop caring what people think. this is the internet, anonymous people dedicate their entire lives to making people feel as shitty as they do.

        • Aaron

          Terah, i think you're stunning and if you are ever in Montreal i would love to buy you a beer. Seriously, loads of haters out there but keep on doing what you're doing, cos it works!

          A British chiver abroad πŸ™‚

        • Will

          Screw the haters Tarah. If you ever come to Clemson South Carolina I'll buy you a beer for sure.

    • Jack_LeMac

      This has become unpleasant

    • der

      yeah your a great looking girl so fuck these haters

    • Dylan

      Ignore all this shit. You are gorgeous. Thanks for submitting

    • El_Hefe

      Look at the hair on her arms…… ewww….

    • northerner

      Yep, haters gonna hate. She is gorgeous. Period. Think she's too skinny? So what. Your opinion. Not many of us agree with you. She's just right.

    • Smitty

      I got nothing, 'cept that these pics I do think look better than your first batch.
      Still want to see an HQ of that slinky little cocktail dress or whatever it was.

      Do what you like, haters gonna hate. Do/don't gain/loose weight… whatever. S'long as you are happy. (and more importantly healthy.)

      • Chiver In Bio

        Definitely needs to something about the fur on her arms.

        • Dick_Hammer

          This is why we know your gay

          • Chiver In Bio

            Excuse me Mrs. Hammer, could I play with your little Dick?

  • Bigt

    #26 Youd never have to work if you were my gf..

    • wheelbarrowcat

      Annnnd the award for creepiest reply on the first page goes to…..

      • Huurdur

        Annnnd the award for the "straightest" reply on the first page goes to…..

      • A BiPolar Guy

        not creepy, just expressing his appreciation for what he sees. You were expecting a fully developed relationship? Context is everything. For "anonymous guy liking anonymous woman's breast's on the internet" this remark is refined and evolved.

    • Timmah

      she'd never make it to work if she were my gf :}..

    • El_Hefe

      but no pic of her face……. hmmm….

      • JerseyGuy

        what? she has a face?

    • JerseyGuy

      We so need to see more of #26!

      • KyleGamgee

        It's not like she's busy with work or anything.

      • AmBush_Steve

        Next time, we need pics of you in the kitchen, making a sammich.

  • Mack318

    #34 Good god it is Christmas!

    • Sam U.

      she is sucking it in hardcore on the top photo, but I don't mind. It's still glorious!

  • Alex G

    Hahaha #30 is at a house down the street from me.

    • Frank's Shirt

      Then please tell the owner that the free range tits below the ship are my favorite part.

  • THE_Yanni

    #6 hot damn!

  • Chivin'

    Merry Christmas John! Thanks for taking time away from your family to post something for all of your friends! You made our year better!

    Oh… and as a Kentucky Chiver… #18 Proves They Grow Them Well In The Bluegrass State!

    • Wouter Achterberg

      nice to see some chivettes in this city!

      • DaddyD

        She's from California. Only visiting.

        • Josh

          don't ruin this DaddyD, since i started coming to this site I have been waiting patiently to see a Kentucky Chivette and this is how I would like to keep it.

    • moagw

      SWEET… wonder where in Louisville they were.. born/raised there.

  • fgg

    #29 one of the greatest things ever, merry Christmas.

    • Jim

      So true — two "Schwings!" straight up.

      • Undershooter30

        instead of slightly bent to the left?

        • its_forge

          Some curvature is normal y'know.

    • northerner

      OOOOHHHHHH, the resolution on that pic….takes your breath away….and puts a large bump in your shorts….what a nice place to keep a fella's nose warm this Winter…

    • Doofenshmirtz

      Quite possibly the best HQ photo EVER on the Chive…!

      • peter

        I Agree!!!

    • Bill

      This pic is …..just. wow……I am speechless! So hot

  • hul

    #1 still more snow than i have 😦

  • charac

    #33 dont just stand there do something!!

    • bob lee swagger

      That's lake tahoe 4 years ago, my buddy lost his home. It was sad, but his insurance money bought him a bigger house….so hey, silver lining!

    • herp de derp

      some people just want to watch the world burn…

      • npn

        she's not in the kitchen…

      • Zasm02

        A woman that wants to watch the world burn! See, there's someone for everyone!

    • btn

      kelowna british columbia canada

    • Carol Best

      This is a picture from the Okanagan Mountain Park fire in Kelowna BC Canada from 2003. Picture taken from dock in Peachland looking across Okanagan lake.

    • Firefighter23

      *sigh* I'll go get the hose

    • Jeremy

      Is that Kelowna in 2004?

    • KyleRetrato

      Not a single fuck was given that day.

    • solidrock

      Lake Tahoe??? give me a break. Check out the cover story in Time Magazine. This is the Okanagan Mountain Park fire in 2003.

    • Brian Morris

      This was in Kelowna BC. I was there and lots of tried

    • Chris McRae

      Yep Kelowna…worst summer back home that I can remember. Definitely not Tahoe ya Gomer…

  • mickdeck

    #6 Thanks for the gift, Chive. Merry Christmas.

    • Underbaker

      A very well executed photo. Nice Hump, excellent placement of Chivette tattoo, and BFM's approval looming in the background.

  • Cory Lowery

    He can smell the menstruation….

  • Cory Lowery


    He can smell the menstruation….

    • Perry Mason

      She put the whole station in jeapardy

      • Perry Mason

        Jeopardy*… sorry, over anxious, I blame Christmas πŸ˜‰

        • Cory Lowery

          I can't complain, I made the same mistake with that first post, lol.

          Christmas has me excited and off my game I guess.

    • northerner

      Pretty lady, though. Nice tush! I'd "point" at it too…

    • Anakin

      JASPER Yew

  • Perry Mason

    #2 Midnight Meat Train?… πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas everyone!

    • @JodyLysaght

      Nope, 28 Days Later.

  • admiralperry

    #15 I know I was happy, I got a KCCO shirt a couple days before Christmas

    • Dan Hinerman

      That's the reason everyone in Whoville had no voice. C'mon man!

      • Jeff

        No. That's the reason everyone in whoville will get a Chive shirt for Christmas. I love seeing their faces when they unwrap them. Pure joy on both ends. So don't be a grinch…I do like the Sunday NFL Countdown reference though:-)

    • Mick

      That's why everyone else misses out on getting shirts…

  • Da Sandman

    #29 heh heh… allright!

    • Bill

      I couldn't agree more

  • _alex

    #6 #22 #29
    Better than my Presents!!

  • J_Ten

    #23 is beautiful!!! Hope you have a Murray Christmas!

  • varlotto

    #22 Merry Goddamn Christmas

  • rymytm

    #33 some girls, just want to see the world burn.

  • Rose3191

    #30 ….want want want

    • Vanilla Gorilla

      Damn, Rose! ……want want want!!

  • MattKL

    #33 Some women just want to watch the world burn.

    • Nathan

      Grade A joke right there

  • Redynz

    I have a set-up like #4 too… Only helps so much… heh

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