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  • mith

    #4 God I love Sluts…!!!!

    • Tito


  • OmarMonty

    Chive, Y U no stop posting #14

  • scottk1636

    #32 Who is this? MOAR?

  • Awesome

    I got a KCCO shirt for Christmas! It's awesome, but it's a Men's Medium, and I need a Men's Small. Anyone have the opposite problem? Wanna trade?

  • Toomuch

    I had a dream that the chive was back early, woke up very disapointed.

  • Cowboygeek

    anyone know where that cat bed came from? and whooooooo are the ladies in 59?
    #8 #59

  • Fuvis

    #4 and # 46! <333 Do me!!! Moar please!

  • http://deleted Fuvis

    Omg! These Babes are all amazing!!!!!! Moar please!!!! And I’ll try and convince my sexy girl-friend to post a sexy photo of herself! … MMm green is such a nice colour!

  • Fuvis

    #59. Let’s turn that into a 69 shall we?

  • holland dude

    I thought the leader of north Korea died,seriously look at #39 that dude is dead ringer.One more thing who is#10 she is one of the most gorgeous girls that I’ve seen on chive


    lol .. i like it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    funny pix… check this out also:

  • Jason

    #27 awesome DbZ poster!!!!!!

  • brian!

    no more gearlulz defianatly always negative serious everytime they put doubt there. cheers

  • Lane

    "We may post from time to time this week but don’t hold us to it." Let's take a week off to get wasted and make zero posts because we deserve it. There was no " time to time" which everyone was looking forward to. Piss off Chive moderators! You make money to do something that I could do from my bed in the morning. You act like this holiday week is the only week that you get to yourselves, fuck you! Forget all of the other times that you have been too drunk to post. You guys take too much lee-way with fans that look to you to brighten their day. Contrary to your belief, you don't deserve it. You have happened upon a million dollar mecca, don't forget that 10,000 people almost beat you to the punch. Get back to working like the rest of us, nobody gets a week off. I'm a public servant so I know. I'm about done with your bullshit. you are on the cusp of "word of mouth" being your success or downfall. Do your job like everyone else does, and go pound sand.

    • 3MC

      Cool story, bro.

  • Bill

    Love the chive, but this has been the worst week the Internet has ever provided since before the chive came around. Please return to your posts.

  • Jimmy Thompson

    Being a slacker will be the reason why this site/business eventually fails. Someone with more motivation will step up and do this better. It's sad that a site on the cusp of being special would not pots anything for almost a week. Really, you guys are this smalltime?

  • Sammi

    I got a Chive T-shirt for Christmas! But I decided to throw it away after I realized they took a week off. F you guys!

  • CoralTimCircleshirt

    Crap, I had to go to the Berry and now I feel gayer for it! Thanks Chive for giving the Y generation even worse of a name.

  • Jent

    I am in Chive withdraw. Shakey, nauseous. Tomorrow better come soon.



  • Drexl Spivey

    #10 might be the hottest picture in the storied history of The Chive. MOAR PLEASE.

  • Mike re

    Mind that gap #40 lol…
    What does this mean #26?& where is that at?

  • wedding

    woo~ ~Have u ever heard about that??? My female cousin told me about _____wWw,casualmingle.c o m_____, She told me it is the best place to meet rich man and hot lady whoever you want. I have tried. The outcome is fantastic. You wanna get laid tonight? Come in and give it a shot, you will find someone or something you like there. Have fun!

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