Let's send this year out with a high-res Paladin BANG (22 HQ Photos)

  • etcrr

    #5 #16 timing is everything in life. these shots are great pun intended. These pics are sweet too #20 #21

  • R2G Fan

    #20 #21 These made it go off.

  • wisemx

    Hot post.
    As usual the brother is in the hole. </joke> 😉

  • JDF

    #10 First CAV. I hear ya!

  • No You

    I saw #20 then I #19 all over the keyboard.

  • Franklin1138

    Actually #16 looks like an older version of the M109, not the Paladin (which is an M109A6). But still a great weapon. I choose my weapon, and #20 and #21 can be my driver and assistant gunner.

  • wisemx

    Adding an additional comment here to wish all the Patriots and Vets an awesome New Year.
    Honorable Salute

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  • Janoko

    His name Derek Pals from Clear Lake, Iowa? I work with a kid that looks just like this guy. He swears it isnt him, if it isnt its his twin. From the looks of it, even if it is him, he nulodwt remimber it.

  • http://www.pcrent.co.il/ Grettane

    From the looks of it, even if it is him, he nulodwt remimber it.

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