A few bathrooms I wouldn’t mind using every morning (28 Photos)

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    "FIRST" is sooooo 2011…

    – first commenter of 2012



  • acs10

    damn, i wish I was rich enough to have a bathroom like that. soon.

    • guy who has to piss

      except for whatever reason only 3 pics have toilets

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    #12 These bathrooms make me miss my muse… ❤

    – Fan testimonial: "You provide a necessary spark to the site."

  • Swizz Mac

    I would love to drop a deuce in any of these.

    • Joey

      Where man? Most of them don't appear to have a shitter. I deduce (pun intended) that the people who can afford these just fling that out the window onto our heads.

      • Real American Ass

        kill the upper class off and steal all there stuff and make it ours and justify it by calling it a revolution duh

        • viva la revolution

          Worked for the French in the 18th century!

  • Peigi

    #4 is the men's room at the Madonna Inn in California — the stone wall is a waterfall that, uh, you water first.

    • DAN

      YES IT IS

  • Dan

    I really like #14 and #25. Some of the others are great, except for all the windows. I don't want to be walking around naked where my neighbors can see me.

    • Anthony

      neighbors they dont have neighbors there to rich

  • poopypants

    I just poop't

  • Big Joe

    If there’s no crapper, it’s not a bathroom!

    • Scott

      Rodger that! A crappy (no pun intended) bathroom with a shitter is a nice bathroom..And a nice bathroom without a shitter is a well, a crappy one

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #9 to fancy for my ass

  • A_J


    most are 3D max,
    seems like chive team still on newyears hangover 😀

    • ImpressMe

      Wroooooong……most of them are high end resorts in places you will never go…….nice try though.

      • A_J

        Im a 3D Max drafter and i know what im talking about- Prove me wrong . . . . And please note that i said that Most are 3D max (means that there are some real)

        But hey come On… shading, grass,….. look again at #3 #8 #13 #16 and see the rest by yourself

  • Linda D

    How in the world do you get out of those sunken tubs?

    • Scott`

      Sit on the edge, swing your legs out, stand up..

  • grunt87

    #5 is that a sink or a tub?

  • Guest

    I think those floor level tubs, and being half asleep or drunk at night, would be a recipe for disaster.

  • apprentices pillar

    #23 except for the stool and the candles everything in the room is synthetic. Fake rocks, plastic tub and ceramic tile. Nice try, but that bathroom is like Pinocchio, it wishes it was real!

    • Scott

      Stool?Yea I doubt they'd put fake poop in there…haha

  • satchel

    i would find it uncomfortable to bathe in most of these bathrooms. too many windows

    • Scott

      If u had the money to have those bathrooms would u really care?

  • Scott

    Never met a bathroom I didnt like that had a shitter in it!

  • Nathan

    #11 – Beware of Predator.

  • Cubsfan

    I have been in number twenty, its pretty cool, a place called skybar is Seoul, Korea

  • Guest

    It is actually the Commerzbank Tower, Frankfurt. And quite a statement from the financial elite…


    Sofia Vergara Epic Cleavage Bounce

    u will absolutely love that tts

  • kevin

    Taking a bath in #18 would just make me feel like a bowl of ramen noodles.

  • fieryredheadkate

    They all seem kind of cold to me .Too cold to walk around naked in the morning that's for sure.

  • Steve Grenier

    Why is there an extra chair in #28

  • iamdodd

    #21 needs a table so you don't have to put your laptop on the toilet.

  • Shadowwight

    #28 goes too far for me…The idea of having a separate toilet for men and women is fine, but fully upholstered toilets are just disgusting….

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