• Julio

    Half the vid is credits. Tsc tsc

  • Tom


  • Speaks

    Was expecting it to end after marriage

  • MiKE

    This. Was. Beautiful.

  • Jaymackb

    Why did that guy get punched by Pauly Shore?

  • skeeterboy

    Best work Pauline shore has done in years, and I didn’t have to sit through a 1hr 30min flick

  • Jace

    That was intense and accurate


    The credits lasted a lifetime…

  • Sonny

    F&@””” garbage

  • Wack

    this is dumb

  • Rod

    There was no DAR or Nutella in that life. Boooo.

  • Oddie Monsta

    FAWK YOU!!

  • Anonymous

    At least he didn’t have a Dub Step phase.

  • Tom

    I had to turn it off like half way. Too much for me. Im 23 turning 24 this year, and life is moving fast enough as it is. Ughh. F this poop.

    • Noegod

      Are you sure you’re turning 24, cuz you’re crying like a 6 year old. At 24 I was too busy enjoying life to bitch about how fast it was moving. Just enjoy it while it lasts, and hold off on having kids as long as possible.

  • Anonymous

    Only good part was the upskirt

  • Mr. Poland

    That was good, but I feel like it could have been a WHOLE lot better.

  • El chive

    the credits were longer than his life… damn !

    • jaym

      Through a rhetorical lens, it’s kind of interesting that the credits were as long as his life. The people who helped form your life are just as noteable as the milestones.

      Too deep? Then… Uh…. Beer bong.

  • Holmespump

    Is getting punched in the mouth by Paulie Shore part of every man's life, or is that just a metaphor for that brief period in college when you watched his movies?

  • Bobby Bob

    Is it just me, or did he get married super late?

    • James699

      its just you, Life: your doing it wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Alec, alec, alec…….you disappoint me

  • Angel

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  • Dickle

    Did that guy get punched in the face by Pauly Shore? Whussy!

  • Raj

    I love u girl’s.i m single

  • Anonymous


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