• kayman

    so much cute!

  • Brian

    • The_Dood

      Whatever that was, was hilarious…

    • skalto

      very… very disturbing video…

    • kidn

      good lord i regret watching that.

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    Baby wolf tastes like chicken.

    – Fan testimonial: "You provide a necessary spark to our site."

    • The one and only

      Nobody likes you, go back to youtube u troll before u ruin the site for everyone

      – the one and only,
      Have a nice day…

    • somebloke

      The fuck is wrong with you?

      • TimCoop

        Is there a way to ban paula from using this site.. ever?

      • Eman

        Humor. Do you have it?

  • Tom

    Yeah if thats a wolf puppy then I'm a 6ft tall midget.

    • TheAutomaticMan

      what's life like as a "little person"?

  • powersticks

    That's not a baby wolf, it's a Pomeranian.

    • The_Dood

      Fucking dog has fucking papers.

    • AKBAR

      YOU'RE a pomeranian!

  • shtsqud

    Who's the genius who said this was a baby wolf?

    • isa


  • CarnivorouZ

    Fucking tard

  • Anonymous

    Pomeranians are cute

  • Anonymous

    cute pup

  • etcrr

    very cute now, it will bay all the time lmao

  • Spam
    • jack


  • tommvp

    fuck, i should of gotten a baby wolf for christmas

    • Dantheloser

      no, you should have gotten a grammar book.

  • James

    So cute.

  • Black Deuce

    That's a Pomeranian mix adult dog. Very cute, though. I bet he howls all the time now that he's "relearned" to howl. We were in Cade's Cove, The Smokies, when the wolves started to howl at dusk. That will set your hair standing when you hear it.

  • Gabe

    Spitz dogs are now wolves?

  • fred

    Laugh if you want but you just witnessed an amazing power. Shit we,ve brushed aside as useless…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.j.murray Tyler C. Hurst

    Just when I had thought kittehroulette.com had won the cute contest…


    Hollywood’s Big Little Actors

    hope u will like it

  • Thomas Greywolf

    Where the Hell is the Wolf?

  • Bean

    my dog howling along haha so cute

    • Bee

      Lol, he sounds like a cow! American bulldogs are so funny.

  • jEnsmo

    I think it’s a valaceraptor

  • Bee

    WWOOOWWW! You thought that little shit was a wolf? I had to foster wolf pups once, here's some food for thought. Their ears don't stand up until a few months into their life. And by a few months, I mean they are big enough by that time to eat that little fluff ball in one chomp. For a wolf to be that size, it would still be in the womb. That or a midget wolf.

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