• Paula_

    Hi Mac, missed ya! But I'll keep working on my aim.

    Anywaysies…. OMG OMG OMG, FIRST to comment in 2012 on the FIRST post of 2012? How, HOW!??1!
    Because I rule.
    <img src=",375×360.png"&gt;
    Your beloved Paula

    • kitra

      Oops my life got in the way of me being first

  • Alex Clarke

    Thats just not cricket.. Lets call it a draw..

    • Angel Taya

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  • Motort

    Fuck you paula

  • drdinohardon

    Is it safe to come out and see the chive again ? I think it is !!!!

  • Tyler C. Hurst

    Guy gives crazy rimjobs

  • Usu

    Go USU!!!! Best college bb team in utah!!!

  • seanthemonster

    uh…I'll just take an H and move on to the next trick shot. 🙂

  • seussalot

    Looks shopped

    • merkley

      Watched that game live. This is NOT shopped

  • Da Sandman

    anyone who believes this, seriously needs to get his head checked for tumors… I don't know about you, but i've never seen a basket ball stop bouncing after hitting the floor once

    • thechevron

      I agree, it stops to quickly and looks weird

    • Paula_

      Silly, uneducated Chivers…
      It hardly bouncs on the rim because the rim itself is not rock solid; it bends. That stops the bouncing faster than a concrete floor for example.
      Try this right meow by throwing yourself on a concrete floor.


    • @obrien05

      I was at the game and watched it happen. Pretty sure I don't have tumors either

  • LiquidMuff420

    This video is old as hell

  • passwordistaco

    You never go Full Superman for a basketball game

  • Pants

    Fake or not this video actually made basketball interesting for five seconds.

  • Jesse James Caddell

    I'm more interested in Super Man and his high knees.

  • AussieChiver23

    Anyone notice that there was one too many players in the key for the free-throw? The referee sure didn’t.

  • Stef

    I don't think its fake. Its cool though! 🙂

  • http://Humpday Macman513

    Welcome back! Long times no see!

  • Banana Hammock

    its 2012 and the quality of t hat video gave me flashbacks to 2005.

  • Wompy

    Where’d all the physics go?

  • Marquita55

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    • Shishir Gurung

      what are you? a web-cam pimp?

  • WesManTooth

    Superman guy is a legend at Utah State. His name is Wild Bill, and he dresses up for every game.

  • Angel

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