By the power of Grayskull, Find Her (33 Photos)

  • JDub

    Not gonna say it

    • Meh

      Well done, my good man.

      • todrunk2

        Holy Shit! #23

    • Bro

      are u a brother of theta chi

  • Piotrek

    #1 is probably pornstar Melanie Rios

    • Santa

      hooray for her being a pornstar

    • junkyardmonkey

      Not probably. IS.

    • Smuggler

      I thought we figured that out weeks ago.

    • reply

      #1 and #33 both Melanie Rios

      • CHIPBUTY


      • herb

        That's Melanie Jane, not Melanie Rios

        • HerrDoctar

          same chick brah

      • poon

        you don't say??:O

    • fede

      went all the way down to say this, hi5 for the best pornstar these days

    • Brad

      she's in a "find her" or hot girl post every friggin' week. Come on people…

    • nosebleed

      Too bad. Shes cute.

    • RayBoogs

      is definatel ypornstar melanie rois

    • herb

      melanie jane

  • asdf

    omfg ❤ #24

  • ejaculASIAN

    #14 background poster…better than the girl

    • El_Hefe

      ruh roh raggy…. chive let that one slip

    • SEL

      background poster is the girl. Anika Fox…catches man milk in her mouth got a living.

  • AssClown

    #2 I found them on Photoshop.

    • imyourhuckleberry

      Prove it

    • bryainiac

      It still looks great.

      • Guesty

        agreed 😀

      • AmericanaHombre

        Damnit boy. That's like saying you like artificial shit, like hentai and shit.

        • greg

          nothin wrong with hentai XD

        • bryainiac

          It's a good looking "photo" I like my live ladies au naturel.

    • Psymon Gallows

      Why are asses like that supposed to be attractive? That looks weird as shit, gargantuan asses do not look sexy.

  • etcrr

    #8 and #29 both gorgeous both have great bodies

  • bighipsrule


  • imyourhuckleberry

    15- find the straight girl who wants moar!!

  • Bill

    # 33 srsly could be the best year if u find her

    • Devastator

      Melanie Rios the pornstar.

  • Dave

    Asked for #29 last year. Hope she's found this year. #16 and #24 need to be found too. And yes #1 is Melanie Rios.

  • Dann

    #15 and we have a winner!!!!! Please find!!!

    • Ads

      I think her name's Abigail Halliday

      • Munokhoi

        You appear to be correct sir…

      • blahh84

        yep, def her. This pic is on her tumblr page

    • austeezy

      her name is Ashley Benson. She's one of the only reasons i watch the show she's on haha

  • GEOthe2

    I have a TON of #23 most of which is NSFW

    • Anonymous

      Post the link you selfish bastard!

    • Sluttypanda

      I would thoroughly enjoy links…

    • JROC

      google tripson the great

    • Joe

      also was apparently self submitted to Phil DeFranko today i doubt its self though

    • MNBoy

      looks like she likes the butt plug. Also Kankles.

  • El_Hefe

    #27 probably the dudes wife

    (and No.. Saltlick is not the best bbq in texas… mediocre at best)

    • Paula_

      Excellent Rack!

      – Fan testimonial: "You provide a necessary spark to the site."

    • KNOTB

      #27 – Saltlick SUXXX ass. Coopers for the win. Saltlick is the McDonalds of TX BBQ.

      • Truth

        Agreed. Coopers rules. Even the one in Ft Worth

    • Brandon

      agree. Saltlick is meh. every BBQ joint in Lockheart beats that place my miles..

      • El_Hefe

        Kreuz & Smittys are great!!!

        (never been to Coopers though, and Rudys is good)

    • Khaki Mallard

      Nice nips.

      Saltlick is NOT the best BBQ in Texas. Rudy's extra-moist brisket beats it by a country mile.


      I'd still love to see her (with less clothes) on FLBP and Burn your Bra

  • GEOthe2

    #23 is Tripson the Great, there is 181 photos

    • Smuggler

      She appears to be a fan of assplay.

    • montago

      ok. So i saw her website and can someone please tell me what the hell that black thing is on her ass all the time. At first i thought she had a cellphone in there, but then it looked like a japanese hot-rock or something. Please explain!

      • R2G Fan

        I believe that is a butt plug.

  • Todd

    #14, now with bonus pron.

  • Takingbackcider

    #11 Thanks for the giant arrow,I wasn't too sure what to look for…

    • Ryan T


  • The Dude

    Please find #11, #15 and definitely #19!

  • togaen

    #20 is my Rx for life… find her… that I may marry her.

    • hopzilla

      She's a Flying Saucer girl…in Raleigh to be exact. Real cool chick, digs good brew.

      • togaen

        Nice… and to think I've never even heard of the Flying Saucer. I trust you'll make sure she knows she has a chive fan club now 🙂

      • thunder814


        hopzilla, are you trying to encourage stalkers, or are you just a dumbass? At least you are right about her being a "real cool chick."

        cash4golda, I don't even know where to begin with you. How socially inept are you that you see a cute picture of an attractive woman, and automatically assume she's in porn? You're probably the type that assumes every girl that shoots you down is a lesbian too. I hate to break it to you, but the reason decent women want nothing to do with you is that you're a loser that looks at internet porn all day. Also, get your eyes checked. I'm not a porn expert like you, so I googled Erin Stone to see who you were talking about. They are both dark haired caucasians, and that's where the similarity ends.

        Think before you comment people. Despite what some of you may want to think, these are real people. I know this lady pretty well, and she is actually the one that told me about this post. I originally tried to convince her to just be flattered, but then I read the comments. I'm a little bothered by them, so I can only guess at how she actually feels.

        I'm not expecting this to be a popular comment, so I'll just say one more thing, and be done. Not only does this picture fail to begin doing her justice, but more importantly, the woman in question is one of the sweetest people I know, which just makes her that much more beautiful in real life.

        • bolita

          i dont know why your getting your panties in a twist, its a compliment to be on this album, and hopzilla said shes a cool girl, i dont see what you are upset about

        • iLUVbeer

          So…I'm guessing you have a crush on her but you're too busy being in the Friend Zone to actually admit it to her. She should be flattered to be featured on here and if anybody shows up saying they saw her on The Chive – how about a simple, "Chive On." in response instead of this crap?

    • cash4golda

      erin stone maybe?

    • Vinnjy

      She is easily one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

  • Rip The Jacker

    #23 good gracious ass is bodacious!

    • Edward

      why a huge fat ass is considered attractive is a mystery to me – a few miles on the stairmaster for you!

    • Fan of It

      Where can I get that thong for my GF? Wow!

  • Dew

    Hasn't #19 been found and got her own post here before?

    • The Dude

      and her name is…?

      • Bob

        I think he thinks that is Angie Varona maybe? Kinda similar, but not the same

        • Zipadeedoodah

          I've been looking at pictures of Angie Verona all afternoon and not once did I see this one…besides that she also looks a bit different. So can anyone else clarify who this is or if it is Angie Verona? That'd be fantastic.

        • Dew

          Ah, you are correct. Good call.

    • Krus

      You're probably thinking of a different person….Please find her chive!!

  • ben

    #18 is Samantha Steele, a college football sideline reporter

  • Jimmy
  • TD1

    #18 is Samantha Steele

  • Anonymous

    I NEED more 23!

  • Carlos

    Holy fuck

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