By the power of Grayskull, Find Her (33 Photos)

  • @bdaley84

    Good lord are #21 & #23 hot. Any leads on these ladies?

  • DangerSeeker

    #1 is a porn star named Melanie Jane…

  • Anonymous

    Who is #13. I could win a Super Bowl if I was getting to sleep with that every night.

  • Pardu

    #1 and #33 is Melanie Rios (Pornstar)

  • Anonymous

    Find them find them all chive

  • guest

    Please more of 6 or 14

  • fajita123

    Lol #14 background…

  • http://thechive randall garbee

    #2 I went to school with both those girls

  • da goober

    Second request for #7 – MOAR PLEASE. 🙂 and I hope you have success with #5,15,17, and 23! -thnx Chive! Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

  • lanz

    #23 #28, Mind the Gap? LOL

  • steve

    #23 google "Tripson the great"

    here are some

  • Anonymous

    33 is a porn star rios

  • Joe

    #32 I never watch the show, but the one time I do, I definitely saw that chick. Haha. Do find her

  • Anonymous

    I met 9-10 at ny comic con. She is great.

  • None

    #15 I'm a straight guy, nad i would like this girl and the girl who wants to find her…


    #5 I am 100% sure that she goes to my school. She is so hot!!!!

  • Missoula

    #14 Uh, seriously? Read the banner behind the skank… The one where she’s banging herself. Then spend $19.95 a month to watch her on the computer.

  • jpc


    • Bobolob

      She looks a lot like Joanna Angel, but the tats don't match.

    • APBTFan

      Not Joanna Angel but oh lord I'd love to know who she is. Simply gorgeous!

  • Ibonthalean

    #23,33 please find more!!!!

  • Brian

    #2 or gtfo.

  • Anonymous

    33 melanie rios she is a pornstar

  • Anonymous

    pic 33 is a porn star… just say lol you can find her on google 😉

  • IShldBWorking

    #23 #2 I believe it was in fact Sir Mix Alot that capture moments like these so eloquently when he said…. "That butt you got makes me so horny! Begging for a piece of that bubble!" That is all

  • Ejigantor

    #15 looks like James (Jamie) King

    • vivitz

      it's Abigail Halliday not James (Jamie) King

  • jhf60

    Dear Chive,

    Do me a favor. Since you're searching for the above ladies, would you mind going back in time & finding the lovely gal (number 11) that was posted on 4/25/11, "FLBP … 'nuff said"? At least show more of her if you got 'em. Thanks in advance.

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