It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (30 Photos)

  • Juice

    First first ever! Sweet!

    • That's Questionable


      • Juice

        I call your thumb down, with a thumb down of my own.

  • Sluttypanda

    #13…if that's who I think it is…then no thank you

    • james


      • etcrr

        quick get in no time to explain

      • DaddyJax

        Am I missing something about her or is sluttypanda not into hot chicks?

        • 2pumpdump

          Kcruz09 y u dereet? u no likie tumbs down?

    • DaddyD

      Doesn't matter who you think it is. Doesn't even matter who it is … YES thank you.

    • Jay

      heidi future-hacked-up-robot-smeared-in-spencer-pratt's-shit montog

      • Dalton


    • SheriffPablo

      Most Hot rods are 80% aftermarket parts. Still want one.

      • @McBeastie666

        most hot rods won't give you hep c by sitting in them.

        • Jerry

          But tractors, on the other hand…..

  • TheJCup

    #4 Meow, that's a damn fact!

    • Cate

      meow are you?

  • Doug

    #10 "We're VIP's"

  • Can Okuroğlu

    #26 "i am listening you kid"

  • bkfrijoles

    #16 no normal man would

  • dan

    "No Caption" = the caption. mind blown.

    • johnnotapanda

      camel toe…camel toes…camels' toes

  • blub_glub

    #8 PWND beeeshes!!

    • electric boogalo

      But sports guys get laid.

      • Flicka

        Yea but no matter what coach says, he doesn't count!

        Try showering with a chick sometime.

        Band, bitches!

      • ThatGuy

        Yeah and I doubt girls like that at conventions actually have sex with the guys there. They're just occupying themselves while their boyfriends spend the weekend watching sports.

        • Vee

          Shows how much you truly know sir. Just what type of guys do you think go there? Lets try all types 🙂 I have seen jock types at comic-con, Dragon-con and various anime conventions, but I have also seen some truly nerdy guys with some really hot women on their arms.

      • Robert

        And have cheerleaders.

    • ALAandy

      the nerds have to pay those girls to be there…… while the girls want to be with the athletes…. just sayin.

    • Used Atari Salesman

      But sports fans have cheerleaders. And girlfriends.

  • MigraineBoy

    #30 Thanks for sharing!

    • bdg

      I want to join that team!!!

      • MojoFilter

        I think I just did.

    • northerner

      OOOOHHHHH….camel toe overload. Outstanding!

    • DoomsDayDub

      Who is the genius that invented a tight suit for women that makes it impossible to not have a camel toe. I would like to shake his hand, or give him some money or something. Genius I tell you!

  • shtsqud

    #8 It's funny because it's true

    • electric boogalo

      Nerds have this to masturbate to?

      • Bob

        Nerd girls are also super horny

    • M-EZ

      Srsly. I really wish that some scantily clad women would go to football games. Maybe all dressed alike and leading the fans in some sort of cheering?

      • ThatGuy

        This is what I though immediatley.


    #30, its ok share the water of the oasis

  • BobbaFett


    This is true.
    Trust me.

    • Dezza

      seems legit! right tool for the job but Did they do a risk assesment?!!

  • Bob


  • shtsqud

    #18 Enough with the zombie crap already…stupid internet born zombie craze bullcrap….WHEN WILL IT STOP????

    • Chris_Mason
    • Henrik

      It'll stop when the zombie apocalypse arrives.

    • Stu

      More to the point: that preparation sucks, there's more guns than ammo clips.

      • Vitali

        and there is no P90, no shotgun, no flamethrower, no chainsaw or grenades….. this person will die.

        • Ben

          Dude, have you never played left for dead 2? All you need is a frying pan!

  • Smuggler

    #11 This really has more to do with spelling rather than grammar. It also does not apply to not knowing the difference between your and you're or their, there and they're.

    • Flicka


    • tim

      i had to manually rearrange letters to read this all.

    • oliveras

      spoken like a true grammar nazi

  • mitter78


  • ferrari
  • BonerBeater

    #30, I love CamelToe!

  • Jilop

    #14 #15
    Fucking hilarious !

  • barraco do humor


  • ChaseTheWalker

    What's with the hack saw in #18?

    • Bill

      Obviously for the zombie robots

    • eo2

      Machette is not as effective with bones

    • @McBeastie666

      If one of your party members handcuffs you to a pipe on a roof…you may need to lose that hand. Just ask Michael Rooker.

  • Dan

    #8 is Kato. Sadly (or maybe not), married to a woman.

  • whyme1973

    #8 #13 #30 Nice.

  • ITR


    The main reason you should not do drugs: it makes you do duckfaces!!

    • Smitty

      Double post on the internet much?!

  • Insanity536


    True story.

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