It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (30 Photos)

  • The devil

    #3 Lindsay Lohan, now a pop star

  • Seldi84

    #18 Damn straight,
    #22 It's true it was, we had flying cars back then.

  • chive_mind

    #8 nerds DONT HAVE THIS.. they just have a picture of this -.- fucking nerd proud

  • Bob

    #17 animals ain't gay, they are just horny
    #30 I love hungry beavers, always trying to eat panties lol

  • weeeee7813

    #30 is toe-tally worth sharing

  • chvlvr

    #30 WOW!!!

  • Draven Lee 83

    # 30…Do we NEED to say anything?

  • Joe Heavymetalcowboy Lamendola

    #30 Did I miss the Camel Toe competition again?

  • fred

    #14 is no cop…. It's the RCMP and they always get their man! Where's the EFFEN BACON in #18?

  • Jawbone

    #10 Why? Because of the free cow this one found?

  • Jawbone

    #13 All you need to do is first scoop out all that pesky Spencer Pratt semen jammed up in that moron.

  • elbruces

    #8, sports fans also have attractive women wearing skimpy clothing. They call them "cheerleaders."

  • Stevorino

    #30 thank you.

  • nappeunom

    cannibalism was found in many species. cannibal-phobia in only one. which one is unnatural?

  • Bob

    I legitimately read "nerds have tits" the first time….then when I was scrolling back up to the top of the page I noticed it was "nerds have this" #8

  • Eric

    I think #26 has diabeetus

  • GEE

    Love the girls. Thanks chivers

  • sam

    what to you mean no caption? looks like a god damn camel toe contest to me.

  • Pants

    #13 Jesus Christ I thought that was hair at first.

  • Bobolob

    #11 – Except grammar nazis can read this just as easily, and they also have the ability to memorize a few simple rules.

  • Marcis

    #30 MOAR of the middle girl!

  • shopawapadopolis

    Ever heard of cheerleaders? or womens beach volleyball… womens gymnastics…LFL? sports fans have all the chicks, nerds can have this one.

    • mikey c.

      Your wrong… the sports girl dress that way for comfort but they are so overly exagerated to be hot. Unlike the nerd girls. The can be hot whenever they choose. But than again everyone has different opinions.

  • blake

    #27 god damn i hope that isnt ice

  • mikey c.

    Uhmm chive_mind… nerds actually do get that. The female nerd gets more and more sexy every year that all the conventions take place because of anime. PS. Thank god for japan and there perverted drawing style 😀

  • BC

    #30. You have to start a C.T. Post.!

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