Leave it to China (31 Photos)

Via Totallycoolpix

  • tc

    Oh…thank heaven yall are back!

  • jeff

    How long will it take for somebody to note that some of these aren’t Chinese?

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      2 hours, it seems.

    • Cory

      First picture.

    • guest

      knowing yahoo yayhoos, probably never

    • Bob Loblaw

      Not long. Wait here; it'll happen soon.

    • ..........

      Bob probably just thought they all look alike.

  • Bill

    #27 lol looks like "It" from South Park

  • http://twitter.com/slemmedved @slemmedved

    29 is crearry japanese

  • Tony

    We three kings of Orient are….

  • oridotan

    Asians… nuff said

  • MigraineBoy

    #14 #23

    I've seen him on a travel show. He had no education but has learned to build robots all by himself, much to the aggravation of his wife. Check out "Paul Merton in China". It's hilarious!

    • Lori

      hey! i saw that show too! for someone who didn't finish elementary school, these bots are pretty damn bada$$

    • MigraineBoy

  • Darth Ozzy

    You have been missed!!!

  • Mojopin9

    #25 being co-opted by a barista in Williamsburgh AS WE SPEAK.

  • time4taco

    anyone with long hair knows just how awesome and practical #7 is

    • Ditto

      That's Japanese. It's a Shindogu. Google it.

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      Hmm, A simple hair tie has always worked for me.

  • wbasc

    #29 is a tuna's eye from Indonesia packaged for consumption in Japan.

    • freshandclean

      looks suspiciously like the top left of #16

  • Da Sandman

    i thought you said you were coming back with something big…? so far we've seen nothing special..

    anywayz, back on topic: #15 #16 what's so weird about this? you litterally have millions of these guys in your own country.

    • Bill

      This guy built the rocket launchers to fight off developers trying to take his farm land. Land developers in China tend to be unscrupulous and requisition land by force or by illegal means. This farmer stood his ground.

    • Ted

      Dude fought off members of the communist government trying to seize his land with that thing, may not be bizarre but the man has giant boulders for balls.

  • Henrik

    #25 I want one!

    • Frenzifreddie

      Dear Santa …

  • lulz

    Half of those pictures are from Japan. Seriously, one of the first posts in 2012 isn’t accurate?

  • Anon

    Some of it is from Japan not China….

  • Mikerhinos

    #4 Need to go there lol

  • Anonymous Bastard

    #6 is from Japan

  • fake


    • Guest


  • etcrr

    #5 feet still wet, that sucks

    • Guesty

      Naaaw just the bottom of her shoes.

  • Jamie

    #25 #27 Mr. Garrison?

  • Jake

    Oh Asians, you so sirry.

  • brian!

    #7 is awesome #30 just shows epic workmanship and totally over engineering

  • Andy Valentine

    #28 – And this is supposed to be what exactly?

    • Bryan_W

      I'm trying to figure that out too…

    • Guesty

      Hair Comb?

  • Dalton

    Looks legit…….

  • aciekay

    #6 it's like instead of pulling the food out of your bra where it fell, you can just eat it straight off the boob.

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