• Kim83MD

    Go Lyle!! Spreading like wildfire!

  • MiKE

    Well shit. I feel like dancin

  • M3lt


  • Gaz

    niggas ftw!

  • Motofoxe


  • http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=FL1ygFHhz8lZUjMBVsYHEVXA Lyrmat

    Do I have to walk like that if I need to go to the grocery ?

    • ander


  • Checkers

    I though the Chive showed cool stuff…

  • Disgusted*with*society

    Seriously??? Of all things, long johns are fashionable???? You look like idiots who shit their pants.

  • My Name Is Jim

    Dancing cool, music not so much. Keep working on it.

  • Chunk Pants


  • Chunk Pants

    S is for shitty

  • That guy

    Perpetually late to places they have to be

  • Anonymous

    Alec. I thought you would have been fired by now.

  • Jazzyjeff

    Hey that was cool if your all trying to be fuck$n dorks

  • Anonymous

    Anybody hatin on this should walk onto a freeway and die…dumbasses always got somethin negative to say smh…

  • anidiot

    it would take ages to get to places though

  • Matthew

    pull your damn pants up

  • guest

    And why again is this called talent?

    • faptastic

      cause you would fall down if you tried and cry like a little bitch

  • faptastic


  • Anonymous

    This video blew my mind apart with awesomeness overload.

  • Anonymous

    Gooooooooooooooo blacks!

  • JKennedy

    Ah white guys dancing to hip hop….It will never work.

  • trillin

    thought this was an anti-douche site

  • mother

    this is a dance equivalent to duckface

  • MeliMel123

    Does anyone know where they are from?>

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