• knotmee

    god damn that song sucks. and this is recorded with a toaster.

    • Woof

      woops i meant to give you a thumbs up but now i cant change it

  • JayP

    I am pretty sure this is clip of Primo Desidero from the 80s. He had a hot wife and the 2 of them used to put on dual demos. Kinda gay but it still rocked back then!

    • Mike

      Yep thats primo. i remember this guy from an old skate video called Psycho Skate.

  • Donkeypuncha

    Oh 1992 how I miss you.

  • Brice Thomas


  • http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=FL1ygFHhz8lZUjMBVsYHEVXA Lyrmat

    Tony Hawk saw this and killed himself after.

  • apollo

    Hes watched the 80’s skate movie gleaming the cube wayyyyy to much.

  • Anonymous

    Rodney Mullen?

  • Mr. Poland

    I think this is far more impressive than any of the high-flying wannabe acrobatic shit that skateboarders usually do. And the best part is that there's not a chance in hell anything like this could end up on failblog because there's absolutely no danger.

  • Anonymous

    Break dance plus skating equals awsome

  • Anonymous

    Rodney Mullen all over this guy.

  • DC22

    damn…way better than some of the shit I see nowadays!

  • T.K.

    Now i know who's padawan was Rodney Mullen …

    • Mike

      Actually, this is the guy that would usually place 3rd. Behind Pierre Andre and Rodney at the top. He still freestyle skates, and is a pro slalom racer.

  • Anonymous

    that guy completely ripped it up I’ve seen that before

  • DORA

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    • Hank

      Seriously? No

  • Hank

    Why does nobody in the crowd find this impressive or entertaining?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dangerruss951 Comedian Dangerruss

    I remember my first Rodney Mullen stolen moves video!

  • Jahat

    This falls under the category:

    Difficurty rever: Asian.

    Isn't cool.

  • Jos

    Would it kill him to crash Saturday Night Live during that fuikcng Miley Cyrus sketch? There was some hilarious shit on SNL this week! No one will ever believe you.

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