• Luke

    I first thought:

    Why aren't there any people who lost an arm?

    And then I thought:

    I'm a dumbass.

  • Mr. Poland

    Hey wow, they managed to make soccer entertaining for a change.

  • Msylv

    Who ever took the penalty shot is an ass. Went for the dudes amputated side. Totally not fair

  • woody

    They’re 10x better than I am. So do their crutches count as legs our arms?

    • ichive

      just padding my post count

  • ROET567

    We won, we get to go to….. oh, Iran…. Yay?

  • liien

    and i stoped playin caude of a knee injury, this should teach me…

  • Angel

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  • fhonik

    How many of those limbs are missing because of a Machete wound? Hey its Africa, its either that or a lion.

  • Jastogie

    Or a land mine.

  • Elliotm

    The final penalty shot taker goes to the goalie's armless side. What a dick.

  • Brent

    I was looking for a reason to cut my leg off!

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