By popular demand, hot Scandinavian women (40 photos)

Believe it or not, this gallery took a lot longer to curate than expected. You’d think that finding loads of hot Scandinavian girls online would take a few seconds -not the case. I’m not saying the “most beautiful women in the world” stereotypes are not true, but we need some more proof. If you live in Finland, Sweden or Norway and are smokin hot or know someone who melts ice, send your pics to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com or use our photo upload page HERE

  • Dalton

    first! Finally

    • ned kelly

      go whack off then hero…

  • echogeo

    #9 #10 #19 #33

    • Hump Day in HD?!

      Gorgeous women! But are they Chivettes? If not, away with the whole lot!!!

      • Benali

        #19 is Michelle Hunziker she's Swiss-Dutch not Scandinavian.

        • Your Name Here

          Who cares? Great tits!

    • PianoFingers

      #33 is Elin Grindemyr – very swedish.

  • Derp


    • I love big butts

      #26… Mother of God

      Who is this?

  • YourMom

    #27 WOW

    • wkdfrog

      the stamp says it all

  • Atdarecook

    I like how they all seem kinda dum.

    • Spets

      why? cause they all blonde?

      • Holand

        There not all blonde Sherlock.
        Did you assume that because he said they look dumb?
        Cause that would be stereotyping….
        My…my, how the tables have turned.

        • Osama

          You're annoying

    • Hank


      • Never about Me


  • Trainer

    #15 even blue i would do without hesitation

    • Stix

      because of blue i would do without hesitation

      • jimbee

        I think this is shopped

    • bearkat34


  • jake

    I’m pretty sure #26 is not Scandinavian… …

    • @kfbooth08

      Ida Ljungqvist – Playboy Playmate – Tanzanian mother, Swedish father.

      • Silky

        so what you're saying is she's not Scandinavian

        • DaddyD


          • mrme

            haha, nazian…I think you meant Scandizanian

    • bob
  • haba

    #39 is Kiera kniegthly and she is from the UK chive,NOT scandianavia.

    • crash0520

      First of all it is spelled Keira Knightley*, second of all that is not her and lastly who cares where any of these beautiful women are from.

    • tedco

      that isn't kiera knightly

      • Lex

        You're right. This is Noorwegian model Hanneli Mustaparta.

        • Rex

          The way she is standing makes absolutely no sense…

          • Vlad

            yeah, she has way too much clothes on

    • Dutchgozer

      Scandinavia isn't a country. It's a geographical region. Also Keira Knightley has no boobs.

  • ejaculASIAN

    #33 by the power of greyskull!

    • bethesda

      Jennifer Hurt….nsfw

      • @bdaley84

        You sir, are the balls. Thanks!

      • ijjhg

        It's Elin Grindemyr , since when is Jennifer Hurt Scandinavian ?

      • Dude

        Jennifer Hurt doesn't even come close to Elin tbh

    • TheSword

      Elin Grindemyr.

      • 2pumpdump

        You mean Elin Grindermyrcawkonyoface

  • MonkeyMadness

    #33 Let me rub your neck for you, you just put your arms down. 😉

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    #5 #6 #16

    Thank you Chive, you have answered my prayers of more hot sports fans

  • Captain Obvious

    Hot Scandinavian Women? Isn't that a little redundant? (Brought to you by the Department of Redunancy Department)

    • Fun with Colors

      Obviously Captian Obvious is Obvious

  • pjsupremex

    #33 flight booked

  • jasgat66

    #32 Eyes are a little freaky… But still.. Wow

    • cr1min4l


    • jamwmn

      her name is Hazel Keeley

      • jamwmn

        Sorry got it backwards, it is Keeley Hazell.

        • Bam

          Its actually Elin Grindemyr from Sweden.

  • chicago

    Swedes have the “most beautiful women in the world” stereotypes are TRUE, but if you need some more proof go here:

    • Grant

      well played sir.

  • chappy

    i shoulda played professional Sportsball… than alll this could of been mine 😦

    • Ha.Ha.

      instead you decided to become a college grammar professor?

  • Philly

    CHIVE! I never received the KCCO shirt I ordered for my gf on 12/13. Help!

  • Swede

    Its hard finding pictures of women from my home country Sweden, because they know better.

    BUT just watch the photos from sensation Copenhagen

    • chicago

      I think its amazing to see all the pretty blonde girls riding their bikes for a night out. Never in the states would I see gorgeous blonde women wearing skirts and heels pedaling along…
      Further, if an American-Me says Hi [or hej-hej] and whether in a small group, or alone, they just stop and chat. So very nice women. [English being Swedes secondary language]. One fault, can't order a tanguary and tonic without having a lemon jammed in it. Learned, to ask: with Green Lime.

  • redeagle

    OMG!!!! OMG #2 and #9, find them please !!! Absolute perfection. xox

    • Todd W

      #9 is Sarianna Kankaristo

      • Loolatsch

        I only know that #2 is german.

        She has a name but I dont recognize it

    • Dutchie

      #2 is Dutch


    a pure Aryan (perhaps superior) race

  • Jay

    Tiger Woods is a goddamn fool for losing one of these.

  • Holy Hell

    That's Helga, the farmers daughter.

  • rabidpanda147

    wanna go to sweeden!!!!

  • RasmusRøv

    Danes are Scandinavian also…

    • hondo

      and Danes are Remarkably HOT!

      • Christian

        Det har du sgu ret i, hombre 🙂

    • @l0wl3jf

      Americans… Scandinavia = Sweden and apparently a little Norway.

      Danish girls are hot as hell! More danes!
      Icelandic girls are hot as well, and there are many twins. 😀

      Det var alt.

  • Henry Gibson

    The phrase "Hot Scandinavian Women" is redundant. By definition, all Scandinavian women are hot.

    I sure missed The Chive.

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