• Hans

    What a shit!!

  • Frenchgirl

    that was a looooooooooooooooooooong pile of bullshit!

  • Saulius

    load of crap

  • Decee

    I agree with him 😦 True and beautiful post.

  • Leslie

    I hate these general messages that seem to be based off of one guy's luck with a single woman… possibly two. They experience something and decide that all women do/say these things. It's as stupid as a woman going on a few bad dates and declaring that all men suck.

    For the record, I do believe that there are some valid points in this passage. However, I believe that a better writer could have said it better in about half the amount of words. This is making the nice guys look like a passive aggressive OCD roommate leaving a note on the fridge for someone who's pissed him off. Dumb.

  • Jeff

    Obviously the person who wrote this isn’t married…….

  • anon

    Gayest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Da Sandman

    haha it's easy to spot the jerks on theChive here ^^ this guy is totally right… girls, plz get this…


    i've read the post… and i've read all comments… the more interesting thing the post is all true, it's very accurate. If you treat a woman like a peace of crap the only thing you will get will be a big giants horns…. but if you treat her like she deserves…. you will get more than you ever expect from a woman. Being a gentleman always get you ladies… and reaward you more faster than being a player. Being a asshole or a player only get you "bitches" and horns. "The man propouse… the woman dispose". (sound better in spanish), if you go for a fast fuck… then go for a bitch… and show off being a player…. if you go for a ladie… being a gentleman. I speak from the experience 😉
    All the people who talk about the "friendzone" or "Chicks need to learn their place." doesn't realize how world going round and round…. i assure you all the best player is the one who doesn't apply the "player" aspect… BECAUSE A WOMAN DETECT YOU A MILE AWAY!!!…. the only "woman" get close to a player is that who play with the player… play the same game with that moron who think an ALPHA MALE… because need to loose some steam too.

    Well posted john… hats off.

  • Heather Feather

    Dear Whoever Wrote This:

    You have completely blown every girls' mind in the world without actually doing it. Everything you wrote was on point- what you boys would say in a situation, how girls feel etc. This post was epic and a LOT more girls need to realize this. I am at fault however, for being guilty of doing things listed above but I know when a boy is spending time and putting forth effort, that he does think your beautiful, gorgeous etc. So, cheers to the man who wrote this & his handsome values/morals/opinions etc.

  • Fhunjunkie88888

    Girls chase dicks. If the dick is good looking he will get even more girls. If he has money, power, and/or fame he will get even more girls. Nobody wants to fuck the “nonshallow” girls who look past that, they’re the fugly bitches. If you want a lot of girls be the man that you are, embrace your innate superior intelligence and manipulate the fairer, but intellectually inferior gender. Exploit the standards our culture place on women. Tear them down, then build them up in a ten second period. It’s not that difficult

  • JoKeRo0o

    Sounds Like a chic to me. Man up and don't complain.

  • PeteDKilluh

    This guy is the fuckin' Emporer of the Friend Zone. Reattach your testicles and smack a bitch dude.

    • Volcanoes

      smack a bitch? yeah nothing screams "i'm a man" more than beating women. your mom must be preeetty proud of you.

  • Nilbog

    This is quite possibly the most beta thing ever written. Grow some balls and be men, and maybe you'll stop losing your women to the "assholes", the guys who aren't afraid to take what they want instead of pussyfooting around and playing the borderline friendzone game. Losers!

  • Charlie chive

    scratch the part about "you don't have to get all dolled-up." If she doesn't usually come out of the bathroom without makeup and hotness, and you get to see her rumpled- then that's an intimacy and that's hot. If she's never getting dressed-up to see you, she's a slob or you're in the friend zone. Dump her, tell her why, and don't take her back.

  • JD

    Amen. I’ve always wondered… why does Charles Manson get marriage proposals while decent guys get stuffed into the Friend Zone? And you don’t have to look like Marilyn Monroe (I know that wasn’t the point of the pic, I’m just sayin). Ditch the makeup and fancy clothes, put on some jeans and a sweatshirt, and look around. We’re here.

  • king_Leonidas26

    I think I just puked in my mouth

  • Falthor

    huh nice post, it would be easier to read with proper paragraphs… just sayin

  • Roger

    Those who have distinguished between good guys and nice guys have hit the nail on the head. Heather Feather says "cheers" but admits that she engages in the very behavior this guy is whining about. Women should be treated with courtesy and respect but the same should be expected from them in return. You like paying for dinner? You like dumping compliment after compliment on a girl? C'mon…if you are in a situation like this you are being used. A girl who uses a guy in this way is no better than a guy who uses a woman for sex. If you want a friend then treat her like a friend, if you want a romantic relationship then find a girl who is interested in you in that way. The longer you leave yourself in the friend zone the longer it will be before you find someone you can really be happy with.

  • radishes

    this is so weak. I've seen this exact thing written for males from "the nice girls" with only a couple of tiny edits.

  • Claire Bellot

    TLDR….bore off

  • sdface760

    send this shit to any females and ur headed to the friendzone for sure.

  • Irish777


  • Nicnac

    Add to this: Girls who say "all men are the same," stop dating the same kind of men.

  • Jay

    To Everyone in the comments, if you disagree, you obviously haven't been in love, and if you're hating, you obviously need to grow up because your probably are the majority of jack asses. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, butttttttt if you are looking for love and are more mature then people who are insecure and or afraid of relationships, this is pretty good.

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