Lincoln Blackwood trys to keep the truck classy (19 photos)

  • gdm426

    it's not that hard to believe Ford couldn't give them away & GM just keeps selling the cash cow that is the Escalade

  • MikeBedlam

    I can at least give Lincoln credit for trying something different.

    • Rob

      They did nothing different. Simple badge change, some garnish and a 10-15% price increase is all they did.

      • MikeBedlam

        You could argue that that is all GMC has ever done, either.
        My point is more that Lincoln was the first brand to really go out on a limb with a full-on luxury pickup truck.
        I hate the thing. It's garish and pointless, but it was a little different. And not many manufacturers have the balls to be different these days (mainly because it's almost a guarantee that it will lose money).

  • Big Soren

    Ugh. Whoever is writing these taglines needs some tutoring.

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