• Matt

    Way to go, Dad — and while you're at it, be sure and teach her to judge people who don't think the way you do…

  • Melody_coastie

    I wish more kids…and adults for That matter, had a mind of their own like this little girl!

  • mee

    do you guys get all of your material from reddit? Well at least 85% of it anyways…

  • JR

    Observant kid.

  • Guest

    future man hating dyke inc.

  • Graceee.

    Anyone notice that her shirt is resembling the lamp from A Christmas Story?

  • Non-consumer

    One of my nephew's first words @ the age of 2 was propaganda……..
    It was because of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, his gramma & myself he learned that one.

  • Internet marketing expert group

    Trend marketing does guarantee success. However you still need to weigh out what is best for your business. Some might require you to make educated guesses. But what is a…

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