The 25 best mullets in sports history (25 Photos)

Images via Buzzfeed


  • mattythegooch

    " Tell her I'm good looking, and rich, and I have a Rapist's wit"……….#13

    • Anonymous

      You’ll be in like a dirty shirt…

    • Vlad

      "And I will have plenty of free time after next weekend…"

  • monkeym

    lol wheres patrick kane

  • cr1min4l

    Business in the front. Party in the back.

  • Rob Beshures

    #13 and #15 are undercuts and #23 and #24 are just long hair. Weak sauce guys get your shit together

  • DDD

    #16 Kenny Powers

  • Uberknee

    Needs more Roy Nelson

  • Fhunjunkie88888

    Tom Brady doesn’t have a mullet. Dicks!

  • demart

    #11 Jagr might be the greatest of all time

  • drbamman

    have to agree with some of the others. could have made it the 'best 20 mullets in sports' and taken out the ones that just had long hair, not true mullets. i know you're prob still hungover, but come on.

  • Owned

    Tom brady doesn’t have a mullet he’s has a bieber get it right

  • LetsStewThis

    You forgot Mike Handzus and Mike Ricci

  • zac

    where is patrick kanes mullet it's way better than Jose Canseco's and tom Brady's

  • Hailey

    You forgot the greatest one….RYAN SMYTH

  • Man Wall

    Bring it back, 2012.

  • @GrubersMullet

    I’d like to think Kelly Gruber was #26

  • EeeK

    #3 Justin Bieber?

  • Guest

    No Vladimir Karpets?

  • mcfierce24

    No Adam McQuaid (Darth Quaider) of the Boston Bruins?

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

  • http://what james

    No one here can compete with what Jagr’s got! That might be the best mullet ever grown. Pure mullet perfection.

  • Alex

    With a great Mullet often times a great mustache….

  • T

    10 that white nerd playing basketball has more to worry about than a mullet…

  • Brent

    Since #13 is not short in the front, it's not a fucking mullet. Keep Calm… and do better.

  • Steve

    No Dwayne Schintzius? HUGE fail

  • NjHeat

    What about Mark Gasteneau of the old NY Jets… Now that was a mullet

  • Kanerbaby

    Where is Patrick Kane's playoff mullets?

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