The 25 best mullets in sports history (25 Photos)

Images via Buzzfeed


  • Jeremy

    Ummm…Where is Kenny Powers?!?!?!

  • Claire Bellot
  • Adrian

    what? wheres ryan smyth?!!

  • http://Chive Jd

    Worst list ever. Half of these aren’t even mullets. I mean come on. Dig for more than 1 click and you can easily find someone like Barry melrose with a mullet and not just lOng hair. How are rothlosburger, McMahon, Brady business in the front? Most of these do’s are party all around. And wtf is bird doing on here at all?

  • DB3

    no adam mcquaid from the bruins

  • sandwiches1123

    #23 Melrose had much more epic mullet pics as a coach. I'm disappointed in you guys.

  • Ryan Smyth not on list of best mullets of all time? An outrage! | Edmonton Journal

    […] It’s hard to take seriously a list such as this that does not include Ryan Smyth. That said I must admit, this is a pretty awesome photograph of Wayne Gretzky’s mullet. […]

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