A Chinese female superhero feeds the needy? Who is this masked crusader? (9 Photos)

Only a few photos of this sexy superhero exist on the internet today…..pray there will be more.
Via Chinahush

  • Jacob

    I think the mask makes her even hotter!

  • Yuling

    if she really wanted to do acts of kindness what is the necessity in the sexy get up and extreme cleavage revealing. Obviously as nice as her intentions seem, her main goal is to attract attention to herself, not to her charity, and we shouldn't so naively applaud her.

  • Charlie

    This is pretty cool and unique. Unfortunately there's a lot of comments from people who talk from their penis instead of their heart on this article.

  • Michael Jow

    LOL the superhero idea and costume was copied from the Hong Kong movie The Fortune Buddies.

    Thumbs up so everyone can see~!!!

    • James


  • Piaras

    Chive, Your is to FIND HER!


    • Me again


  • reality check

    She's doing this either to be discovered as a model/singer/other useless famous genre, or doing it because she is a fame whore. Helping the needy is about 29th on a list of her top 10 reasons for doing this.

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  • Anon

    hot and kind, why can't all girls be like this

  • James

    why not look at the good she’s doing, and the hearts she’s warming. instead of what she may be trying to gain. there are easier ways, less charitable ways to get famous or some attention. she’s a sexy superhero. better than nothing. she wears a damn mask and writes an anonymous blog, she’s not out for attention.

  • MattKL

    It's always good to see someone doing this, wherever they're at.

  • http://omegle.com giveafuckbay

    If she was a fish tank, id still tap that

  • BatDoc

    It’s a shame that someone can’t do good in their own way without people assuming ulterior motives. No one would say shit to someone dressed as Superman or Wonder Woman doing the same thing. Just goes to show that no good deed goes untrolled.

  • Oddie Monsta


  • alienboyguitar

    I am also a Superhero hiding in my secret identity. I hope she could be my sidekick cause I am in desperately need of her powers right now to regain my full potential. Bye got to fly now to Beijing… Up up and away!

  • Anonymous

    Its China not America, culture difference, people dress different and have a different attitude towards it, and it isn’t looked at the same like in the states.

  • http://youtube.com/VROGamers Fancore

    its kind of amazing that people are more intresting in banging her then what she actualy does.

    seriously people!

    beside that all. i love that she's actualy doing something for others. ^^

  • Buddy

    If this turns out to be some sort of PR stunt for some sort of fashion label or singer or actor or whatever I'm going to go to China and rebud her rosebud all the way back to budsville.

  • Bob

    Why do you need a secret identity to feed homeless people? Who's coming after your friends and family if they find out who you really are? =/

  • Paradox

    Shes obviously an attention whore. The mask, the outfit, sexual posing. Ofc, shes doing a great job, being famous.

  • Laura

    :/ i hope you guys do know she is working hard to do something good and would be absolutely disgusted by your 'compliments'.

  • Rhayzor

    Dear Bob et. al.,
    Why do you insist on posting your lead-in text over a photo in a font that makes it nearly impossible to read? If you are taking the time to make what I suppose is supposed to be an informative statement, why not go the extra mile and make it legible?
    Thanks and chive on!

  • Lain

    I buy food for the homeless every chance that I can and you don't see me wearing a mask. Feeding the homeless is not like something that is so dangerous that you will need to hide yourself , unlike crime fighting. This is just attention seeking. After all more people here want to motorboat her rather than care about the homeless. She won't get this much attention if she wear her everyday clothes.

  • Bob

    #6 she is well cute too

  • Eric

    FAKE!! There's no homeless people in China.

    homeless people only exist in USA

  • James

    If she runs out of food to give, she can feed the homeless with her sweet tataas

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