A Chinese female superhero feeds the needy? Who is this masked crusader? (9 Photos)

Only a few photos of this sexy superhero exist on the internet today…..pray there will be more.
Via Chinahush

  • Justaman

    cool!! C'mon don't we all like pretty and sexy things? If she using her appeal to do the right thing, I say great, we love you!

  • betty

    why can't she just help the poor without wearing a mask? i guess she doesn't want to be seen hanging out with poor people! she is not a superhero! she is just a media whore!

  • Ex KyutsukIi

    I’d say let her, if she believes her calling is to help others then do it not for royal giggles but to be willing to help those that struggle so she is one to be admired not only for her looks but for her actions. We need more ppl like us..Umma..her in the world we have today. Ja ne.


    Movie contracts, talk show invites, great marketing idea to get noticed & get exposure. Kudos to her mission! Next goal must be a clothing & make-up line on the shopping network & all proceeds go to charities.

  • dan

    They have Christmas in China?

  • WorldCreation

    Another useless person to even exist on this planet!

  • Claude

    When did you become such cynical a holes, let the girl feed the poor, what the fuxk are you doing for others right now. ..thought so.

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