A nice collection of celebrity yearbook photos (14 Photos)

Via Imgur.com

  • Timmy


  • chewie

    #13 Why does Taylor Swift look like Chewbacca?

  • Blurry00

    #14 @ Bieber, so true

  • blah

    #14…so its true…bwahaha

  • jaminboy13

    #13 Damn Gwen Stefani was cute back then…and LOL #12 Lil Jon…oh word

  • Bieber

    Would've been nice to see more real celebs in there, less half-assed pop 'singers'.

  • Anonymous

    14… and there it is.

  • Slabmassta

    Jessika Simpson was always gorgeous….

  • FuckBieber

    #14, I Fuckin Knew It! Now theres Proof that Justin Bieber, has a Vagina!

  • http://twitter.com/CaleLoddeke Cale Loddeke (@CaleLoddeke)

    I can’t believe they all went to the same school…

  • jayel

    ahahahahaha justin bieber

  • Axel

    When you get a bit older, you’ll realise that your point of view isn’t the only one and most of the times, there is no right one. The world is a iagdrent of greys not blocks of black and white.

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