Hot Right Now: These girls can borrow my flannel anytime (28 Photos)

Amanda Cerny is using the Twitter machine properly (25 Photos)

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  • dashete

    Ultimate down points for dating Dane Cook though.

    • ...

      Dane Cook is lame.

    • Panda

      Damn. Now she is forever unclean.

    • Johnny Bo

      actually she is dating a basketball player but good one though

  • big black

    Ugh this girl is so ugly. So generic looking. Makes me want to vomit. Eat a fucking sandwich amanda cerny! fake ass celebrity

    • your move

      she is hot but some pics she looks like she needs to eat. and apparently the Chive now likes duck faces.
      #17 #20 #21

    • Jason

      upon further inspection, I now agree with you.

      • Lotus

        Chive's all about the "real" women like her, yeah?

  • dano

    Got better pics of her on google

  • Chestboy

    #6 is amazing!

  • Cliff

    Something off about her face. Cheekbones too high and gives her that plastic surgery Catwoman look. Don't get me wrong, she is still amazingly hot.

  • echogeo

    #4 #16
    Fascinating choice of wall decorations, Amanda.

    • Spectator

      I totally noticed that. What chick has pictures of naked chicks up on the wall..and framed for that matter.

      • echogeo

        A chick I want to get to know very, very well.

  • chicago

    #18 #5 #2 — absolutely a knock out babe. Dark long hair, dark eyes and killer body. wow.
    #6 – what a stunning couple of babes~! one heck of a view to take in.

  • nrvousbreakdnce

    #14, #17, #23….yes……..yes she is

  • white boyz

    This gilr is absolutely hideoius. there are so many more attractive women out there deserving of a post. EW!!!!!!

  • echogeo

    There are 3 of a kind that beat a full house.

  • Bob


  • tdr

    Plastic looking beauty contest type with a permanent semi duckface.

  • hotuini

    #1 #2 #5 #6 #9 minor duckface alert

  • David

    Go Noles!!

  • Pepsit

    omg, im in love

  • irons

    Much betta, she is gorgeous!!

  • Anonymous

    I need to meet the girl I’ll be having wet dreams about

  • laelow

    #10 Mind the Gap. 🙂
    #17 Is just flat out hot!

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    Thank you Steve Jobs for making the iPhone! You did a great job!

  • dc

    Every Twitter machine broad you post needs a sandwich and a bag over their fake ass faces

  • angie varona
  • rikooprate

    I wouldn't kick her outta bed for eatin crackers…

  • micah

    One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

    • Mother Fucker Jones

      until I saw fsu then she turned into a regular whore

  • dbags

    this girl is jersey trash duck face so ugly. ew. everyone this is not attracitve. she looks like a dbag

    • Ron

      you are a dbag u loser

  • burdman10

    Wow to all of them…I can see #7 thinking that if I died just now, everything would be just fine!

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