Amanda Cerny is using the Twitter machine properly (25 Photos)

More awesomeness on Amanda's Twitter page.

Say hi to Amanda right here.

  • @Gingergreek

    Meh up her own arse

  • nouu

    I'm surprised the chive didn't manage to stick an Asian in this post somewhere, like they do in every other fucking post..

    • chick

      suck my dick nouuu

  • Possum

    All you people need to stop bitching!

  • DoDatDere

    she looks expensive

  • Icky

    Doesn't anyone else ever get sick of girls that are in love with themselves?

  • T

    She is decent eye candy as long as it isn’t windy. Poor thing would prolly snap in half. 😦

  • Dave

    I’d dip it!

  • jgos929

    I have this weird feeling that if I was on fire this girl wouldn't even piss on me to put it out.

    She's still smokin hot though

  • Nerph

    Whatever would we do if these girls couldnt afford iPhones…

  • Irish777

    I shall paint you like one of my french girls

  • Anonymous

    dear chive, you rule.

    and boobs.

  • Garcia432

    Playboys miss october 2011

  • Randy

    JJudge mode: She’s too skinny and her tits look fake.
    Realistic mode:She’s holy shit she’s hot as hell. I would fuck that bitch till her bones broke and her pussy snapped. Perfection

    Im more of the rrealistic guy 😉

  • Jack Burton

    I’d hurt that.

  • SPZander

    #17 amazing gal… and appears to actually have a personality

  • joe pa

    ! I know plenty of fake tity girls that are bad ass. If you think they are stuck up all the time then you wil never get laid by one. granted there are some bitches out there… after all they are just getting hotter for us to stare at. Ain’t scared of hot chicks with fake boobs! Bring em on !!!

    • chick

      shut the fuck up jooe pa . joe pa worst coach oever

  • chick

    ugly ugly ugly ugly

  • Ricky

    #7 Non-Hover, like a Boss!!!

  • micah

    Sooooo Hot. want to touch the hiney

  • Deedubya

    Find her friend in #6 !!!

  • Bustanut

    Slap slap those little plastics titties

  • Zach

    Please. Come. To. Ohio.

  • jhf60

    These pictures lead me to believe that Amanda LOVES being in front of a camera. She does seem to be pleased with herself. Well, good for her & thank you Amanda for the photos.

  • K Changsta

    Wow, quite a bit of hate on here. So uncalled for. Should stop judging when you don't know someone. I met her once in person the other day and she's really sweet and down to earth, not to mention beautiful of course.. She's also a humanitarian, helping to rebuild Haiti with her charity. Check out her site: You might just love her.

  • Mother Fucker Jones

    I thought she was so hot yesterday I put her as my desktop background, today I saw she was a FSU fan and promptly removed her and found someone else. GO GATORS!

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