Hot Right Now: Random memes that made us spit out our morning coffee this week (60 photos)

Amanda Cerny is using the Twitter machine properly (25 Photos)

More awesomeness on Amanda's Twitter page.

Say hi to Amanda right here.

  • Randy

    Double take, ugly. This Amanda won't look too good without make-up, and she looks like the type of hot girl that always has terrible breath. I hate that shit.

  • Bob H

    I think she's quite beautiful. And this coming from a Gator!

  • Pikesville

    It should go without saying that I'd do her, but there's been 100's of girls on this site I'd rather bang. An 8 is better than a 10.

  • Timothy

    Get this girl a sandwich, stat!

  • Swarley

    #2 #4 #5 #15

  • poopstainsonurmom

    #12 How come, hot bitches hang with hot bitches? Might have to do with that pool behind them. At the dudes house who can afford a pool and hot bitches. I'm not at that party. I don't have that money.

  • Charlesdamann

    Kappa Delta

  • Zeus

    I will bring peace to the world if this lady marries me. Mark my words Earth, choose wisely.

  • Chester

    not into fakies

  • nathan

    #10 #15 wow you are so gorgeous! you seriously made my heart pound looking at these pictures

  • stumeister

    #21 fap fap fap till it comes off!

  • Anonymous

    Knew she was hot yesterday… Now I know she’s a mole, I’m in love!!!!

  • Sean

    #7 No hover hand detected.

  • Hbaby

    Well shit. If someone is willing to lend me $8k I can get fake tits and take some pictures of myself too… How bout it?! 😉

  • AnonyLegion

    #4 Digging the picture hanging on the wall. Take a closer look.

  • mith

    Hope she at least gave the guy that paid for her tits a hand job. Oh, cut back on the purging after you eat you skinny twat…

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #5 Holy Shit!!
    #6 Holy Holy Shit!!!!

  • EdC

    Girl number 2 is boobalicious also. Moar please.

  • Dafoe


  • Samiam

    Gods gift to earth wow

  • MarkyBeee

    the last few tweets, she's caught wind of theChive! pretty awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous ! Go Noles!

  • skuz

    im still not sure what made the thud my jaw hitting the floor or my balls dropping


    GO NOLES!!!

  • tutankhamon661

    It is so beautiful.

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