Amanda Cerny is using the Twitter machine properly (25 Photos)

More awesomeness on Amanda's Twitter page.

Say hi to Amanda right here.

  • Randy

    Double take, ugly. This Amanda won't look too good without make-up, and she looks like the type of hot girl that always has terrible breath. I hate that shit.

  • Bob H

    I think she's quite beautiful. And this coming from a Gator!

  • Pikesville

    It should go without saying that I'd do her, but there's been 100's of girls on this site I'd rather bang. An 8 is better than a 10.

  • Timothy

    Get this girl a sandwich, stat!

  • Swarley

    #2 #4 #5 #15

  • poopstainsonurmom

    #12 How come, hot bitches hang with hot bitches? Might have to do with that pool behind them. At the dudes house who can afford a pool and hot bitches. I'm not at that party. I don't have that money.

  • Charlesdamann

    Kappa Delta

  • Zeus

    I will bring peace to the world if this lady marries me. Mark my words Earth, choose wisely.

  • Chester

    not into fakies

  • nathan

    #10 #15 wow you are so gorgeous! you seriously made my heart pound looking at these pictures

  • stumeister

    #21 fap fap fap till it comes off!

  • Anonymous

    Knew she was hot yesterday… Now I know she’s a mole, I’m in love!!!!

  • Sean

    #7 No hover hand detected.

  • Hbaby

    Well shit. If someone is willing to lend me $8k I can get fake tits and take some pictures of myself too… How bout it?! 😉

  • AnonyLegion

    #4 Digging the picture hanging on the wall. Take a closer look.

  • mith

    Hope she at least gave the guy that paid for her tits a hand job. Oh, cut back on the purging after you eat you skinny twat…

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #5 Holy Shit!!
    #6 Holy Holy Shit!!!!

  • EdC

    Girl number 2 is boobalicious also. Moar please.

  • Dafoe


  • Samiam

    Gods gift to earth wow

  • MarkyBeee

    the last few tweets, she's caught wind of theChive! pretty awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous ! Go Noles!

  • skuz

    im still not sure what made the thud my jaw hitting the floor or my balls dropping


    GO NOLES!!!

  • tutankhamon661

    It is so beautiful.

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