• Jeremy


    • ztastic

      can u do better? didnt think so

  • Work is Daily


  • BMO

    Go get 'em, little nerd!

  • don't even know

    seems like everyone around him is older. he must feel awesome

  • fdfs


  • oletripod

    That a way to earn a little street cred Winston.

  • Turtle

    And now he sits back and watches the pussy roll in

    • Tim


    • DeDav

      Open hands, receive panites.

      • Connah

        panites? some kind of religious sect that willingly has sex with nerdy white kids? where can i meet these "panites?"

        • Yo diggity

          No you dummy, it's a type of rock.

        • TimCoop

          nerdy white kids end up owning everything anyways.. which also means they get the nicer pussy

  • rikooprate

    On less ass kickin coming his way…

    • YourMom

      Off less ass kickin coming his way…

      • rikooprate

        ha, whoops…

  • Work is Daily

    I know that nerdy white kid. Nerdy white kids rule!! Those black girls in the back give him head and have sex with him in return for cheating and good grades. Fact!!

    • V4D3R

      that's nice

  • Chris Conlan

    Looks like Harry Potter on acid

  • Justin Sackett

    He will never get laid.

    • Bryan_W

      Now that he's on the Chive he will.

      • James


    • ogb.bob

      He'll get laid before you.

    • andy_pants

      Are you kidding? He's got those three girls behind him grinning ear to ear!

  • yerp40

    come come on the kick drum…

  • Jollly

    Alien Frog Thing FTW!!!!!!!

  • Irish777

    where is kayne and why is he not interrupting him?

  • MigraineBoy

    Get out the Ritalin, looks like we've got a troublemaker on our hands.

  • Queue

    Not exactly the level of awesome I was expecting, but the kid has some potential if he keeps it up.

    • sdago25

      A professional noise maker?

      • Albert

        he's got a spot in a police academy remake…

  • Chris Conlan

    If this is suppose to be "in class" how many times did the girls behind him get held back lol

  • freshfraser

    The girls behind the male, hearing his mating call, become aroused

    • HAHA


  • Anon

    Those mad skills might just save him from getting beaten up this year !

  • joshua

    so did she get to burn one with snoop backstage?

  • Danny

    I guess that's pretty good for a kid that hasn't hit puberty.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty good? that was insaneeeeee for a kid!

  • just the tip


  • Anonymous

    Mai dung pu.

  • Jeff

    That…was weak

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