• Dave

    Finally, theChive posts a REAL sport

    • georgie

      Couldn’t agree more!

    • spncrmoo

      Almost. Rugby League would've done it…

  • james

    majority of those tackles were illegal

    • Henry

      Majority of the ref's failed to pull a lot of them up

    • brady

      most were fine, they just looked late cause it was slowed down

  • Martyn

    That last one especially was illegal. The guy doing it got ejected for it too. Correctly so.

    • Hamed

      So tough to see the captain red carded in the opening minutes of that game.

  • bassett85

    Rugby Union = Greatest game on Earth!

    • ruggerjwill

      U love rugby league….LOL

    • spncrmoo

      After league, maybe…

  • Ken

    Chive on SVSU rugby loves you guys!

  • Hamed

    All Blacks!!! Always nice to see Quade Cooper getting smashed.

  • Mike

    fuck that !

  • Snuffy

    Can the cow it’s get some of these guys in their secondary, talk about form tackles.

  • Dude

    What a bunch of badasses NFL is a joke compared to that damn

  • ruggerjwill

    Hells yeah…ruck on chive!!! Jcrfc

  • Nutrod

    Youtube nfl roughest hits and there is a big speed factor (yes I know they have pads) that is missing in this vid

  • Guest

    Kleeberger's head to head with the Kiwi goes down as the alltime dead man falling shot. Brutal.

  • Nutrod

    Anyone seen the All Blacks new plane roll out of Boeing? Awesome job!

  • Derek

    Holy shit. They are monsters. That’s kick ass sport right there

  • Scooter

    Leage is for fairies that are to fat for soccer.

    • Without_Remorse

      Lol 3 things
      1. it's spelled "league"
      2. the video you just watched was Rugby Union.
      3. Pretty sure u didn't witness any dives or dudes more concerned with their hair and makeup as per SOP for Soccer players.

  • Lars Jansen

    That shit right there makes me proud to be a Kiwi!

  • Zaragoza

    Dislocated elbow during a rugby game, had it put back in then coach put me back in the game. Most invigorating sport I’ve ever played.



  • Matt

    I got a concussion just watching that last hit

  • Kimmy


    A New Zealand player’s scrotum was damn near torn off in a world cup match last year, kept playing though, bad form to leave a game if you’re still conscious…

  • Anonymous

    What song is this video playing to?????

  • Lower

    The wallabies hit on the welshman was HUGE! Probably the pick of the bunch. Or the Canadian v Kiwi, massive hit.

  • Proud kiwi

    God there was some good moments in the RWC!!!! All Blacks!!

  • Jay

    Can’t wait to play this spring.

  • Brent

    Pretty cool, but I still prefer hockey, which also makes american football look like golf. Ironic because in hockey, they hit objects with sticks.

    • UncleDave

      I must agree, when I could no longer play rugby I played hockey.

      Then I found out about pain and how unfit I was.

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