• Jimmy

    football is for pussies, rugby is for real man!

  • Andy 021

    Rugby is basically American football for men. All those opposed to that can take solace in the fact that I dislocated my knee (again) playing on Saturday 🙂

  • Gibbo

    Meh! Might be a good sport, but certainly far from big hits.
    Rugby don't allow big hits…for big hits EVERY game, you want to watch Rugby League rather than Union.

  • misschris

    Damn, some of those hits took MY breath away!

  • Gmoney

    What sucks is this could never be in America. Because there be some women’s group or something of the sorts complain that it’s to rough there little boys might get hurt. It to violent might hurt someones feelings. America has become so worried bout everything. If u don’t like it don’t watch

    • Jill

      Fortunately, it is not as bad as you think. The town I grew up in not only has a men's and women's high school team but also a little loop version. There are many many more colleges now too with both men's and women's teams. The sport itself teaches a level of respect and camaraderie that I have never seen in all the sports I have played as well as coached. As a rugger as well as a loyal chivette, I couldn't imagine my collegiate career without it.

    • Tom

      your an idiot. America played in the just passed rugby world cup. it is a sport in america

    • umm..no.

      Are you kidding me? I live in Idaho and we have rugby in a handful of high schools for boys and girls..on top of that we have a women's team and like 4 men's teams just in the area..your argument is invalid..

  • Daniel

    Those hits actually look kinda weak, every single play in the NFL has harder hits than that.

    • Michael

      yeah, but they wear 20 pounds of fucking armour, rugby players don't.

  • Dan

    If interested in playing, almost every city in America now has men’s and collegiate leagues ranging from pickup to premier leagues. Great way to get some excercise and the social life isn’t too bad either as any rugger will tell you. Beginners are welcome at most of these teams. Cheers!

  • Bender

    See anyone who says NFL or CFL(for us Canadians eh) has harder hits etc. may or may not be correct but the biggest factor is Football players have equipment as well as hockey etc. what do rugby players have? Their girth hands down rugby an almost any”Gaelic” sports have way more intensity and chance at injury. And IMHO Hurling is the sport of champions. YouTube that shit if you’ve never seen it….

  • masta


  • dylan

    I don't know who you all are kidding if you think these hits compare anything to the NFL not to mention the difference in pure athletic talent. If you were to put a RB from any NFL team on the rugby field within 2 years training and learning the game they would be the best player in the league no question, let alone a full team of NFL players would win every single championship. Your lying to yourself, are too much of a rugby enthusiast, or just an idiot if you can't realize that.

    • Paul

      Some of the best athletes in the world are rugby players. Even your precious nfl players were successful rugby players before they went to the nfl. I played both and enjoyed rugby much more than football, I was even fortunate enough to represent my country by playing. I will say it takes a completely different skill set. So no you cannot simply “stick” any nfl running back on the pitch and say he will be the best in a certain amount of time.

    • ruggerjwill

      Rugby players hit each other full speed in no pads. You’re a dumbass

    • Matt

      Probably not. Football players play in spurts of a few yards. Very rarely does a play continue beyond a few seconds. Rugby players are constantly moving, with almost no rest outside of half time and after tries. Look for the Dhani Tackles the Globe episode when Dhani Jones tries playing rugby.
      Also, the reason football hits look so big is because you put an extra 20 pounds of plastic and metal on the players, and they don't have to hold the runner down. A lot of these hits don't look as big because the tackler actually has to wrap up and take the runner to the ground. If he were to stay on his feet, they would have the same appearance as a football hit.
      And before you think I have some sort of rugby bias, I grew up playing football, and only recently started getting into rugby.

    • Kate

      One of my fathers favourite stories is from when he was in the army and a group of American servicemen were visiting their base. They decided to have a two day competition, day one would be a game of rugby, day two would be a game of American football. After day one the Americans decided they didn't want to participate in day two, as the idea of facing New Zealanders with 20 pounds of padding on after the beating the had taken the previous day really did not appeal.

      Rugby isn't about the big hits, if you want that watch league where the tackle rules are less strict. But if you think an NFL team, given two years of training and learning could win every single championship then you live in a dream world. The worst teams would still kick their ass without breaking a sweat. Sheer size gets you no where in rugby.

  • Matt

    Great world cup. I find it funny that Bakkies Botha only had one shout out..

  • Bailey

    These need to not be in slo-mo

  • W..

    First time I ever watched Rugby was a Sunday morning in a pub in Dublin. Whole families were their watching the game together. It was awesome!

  • DC22

    Some of the meanest hits are by the Samoan team. Most of it aren't up here!

  • Bossman

    In rugby there is only one person that can get hit at a time. You can’t get blindside hits in rugby when you don’t have the ball. Originally, American football wasn’t played with pads and people died. DIED! Look it up

    • Old Timer

      Players still die today playing rugby.

  • justabill

    Can we end this debate? Most football fans who put down rugby are entirely unfamiliar with it, and vice versa. Rugby is not soccer with contact, and football is not rugby with pads. Let's just admit that both are valid and entertaining sports and let their respective fans enjoy their passion.

  • fdubzou

    There are harder hits every Saturday and Sunday during the fall on football fields across the US. I could probably compile a video from the 2011 season alone that would top this. Tune in to watch Bammer and LSU Monday night and see some real hits.

    That being said, Rugby and football are entirely different sports. Football thrives on big hits, which get set up by defensive schemes, blitzes, punts, kickoffs, etc.

  • fdubzou

  • fdubzou

  • fdubzou

  • fdubzou

    Wow, that was easier than I thought.

  • fdubzou

    Here's one from one player in one game.

  • fdubzou

    From the same kid, but when he was in middle school.

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