How the Russians show off on Facebook (30 Photos)

  • One nation

    #14…Even in Russia the raider nation is alive DHB 85 represent

    • Chris

      Sorry dude that’s a steelers jersey. Look at the left breast for emblem.

    • Jimmy bags

      That’s clearly Steeler numbering on the jersey you dipshit.

  • dan

    I'd so tap #24

  • dan

    Especially #20

    • spartan104fred


  • OpMongoose

    #3 I've heard of Pedo Bear but not Pedo fish. Also anyone think of 13 year old Fiona Apple

    • spartan104fred

      i was thinking of jailbait, and trying to forget the image.

  • mldk

    Ill take 2 of #30. Minus her.

  • vent187

    #14 wtf? There are even steeler fans in Russia? Lame.

  • 177ike

    Why do they put rugs everywhere EXCEPT on the floor ?

  • Jaimie

    Whets with allthe rugs on the walls?

    • Ross

      The rugs on the walls are just considered decor in Russia and most of Europe. Originally they were used to amplify music better.

  • Steph

    Wow. My brain needs bleach. #25 those bangs….

  • Insane2u

    Damm russia you scarey

  • Omi27

    #26…kill it, kill it with fire!

  • Guesty

    is Russia trying to beat Japan at being weird?

  • Jaro

    I don’t even know where to begin…

  • Hooleyman

    They have the same Twats in the USA… The Chive is afraid to show them.

  • f3n1d187

    It should say courtesy of

    They post this a week ago

  • Indeed

    So basically they're just as weird as us

  • 007

    From Russia with love.

  • bless1

    #8- bahahaaaa, is that a vacume?

  • Evie Fontaine

    what the fuck with all the big ass rugs on the walls?

  • mike

    well, ya did it- i just hurled in my mouth. "from russia with wtf" – nice!!!

  • Elerson

    So confused……..

  • MrMojoRisin

    Has no one told them rugs and carpet go on the floor ?

  • AllanA

    This whole post was very disturbing…..

  • Turtle

    You know what I hate? Thechive is gone on vacation for a while and they come back and post the same f*cling pictures that they posted not too long ago!

  • Anonymous

    # 20
    nice pussy
    these russin are fucking crazy.!!!!!

    oh ya First!!!!

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