How the Russians show off on Facebook (30 Photos)

  • justaguy

    #3 I'd still get in the tub with her and go down on her!

  • Waleed Tariq

    Most Famous Fake Breasts

    love that LOL

  • Cahill

    I don't think I'll ever understand why there are so many pics in a bathroom.

  • @RC_920

    Whats up with all the rugs on the walls?

  • http://chive waysiddrip


  • Rick

    #11 is the least nauseating

  • Rick

    What with Russians and putting the carpet on the wall?? wtf lol #8, #9, #11, #14, #29, #26

  • Ricco

    I'm pretty sure they are all from St Petersburg………….Florida LOL

  • Ricco

    #26 has her period?

  • Anonymous

    #22, misty from pokemon?? Really?

  • Shadowwight

    Well, at least that clears up the mystery of the decline of the birth rate of the Russian people…celibacy is obviously popular.

  • Richard

    Rugs everywhere…

  • facebook Credits

    So where is the vodka?

  • Яго

    пиздеж и провокация

  • Lisa

    Oh come on, you could find pictures with the same level of retardness in any country, especially America. Yeah, these Russians look fucked up, but you can't judge the whole country by a group of individuals.

  • whatever

    Aight, let me explain few things.
    The girl with a fish took a picture of her with a "fish of her dream". There was a video of a russian fisher screaming "the fish of my dream!", it was very popular, the guy even appeared on TV.
    And that vacuum cleaner "sucker" is from the Scary Movie, if you remember.
    As a russian I can conclude that we all are fucked up. Some more or less.
    But the worst thing is that we like to be fucked up and not to give a fuck about people nearby.
    That our local "The cause of and the solution to all of life's problems" – Homer (about beer).
    Thanks for reading.

  • Andrew Batiz

    russia deserves there own planet

  • Stopped for a minute

    Go to site People of Walmart, you will see some picturesof Americans you wish you have never seen

  • Darya

    Sometimes I feel ashamed that I am from Russia .. >_<

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