Hump Day, go big or go home (34 HQ photos)

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Send us your humps! If you have a great tush, please take a QUALITY photo and upload it on our submit page here. If you didn’t see your submission this week, make sure to check back next week.

  • Keith

    1. Really, no one has said it yet? Nice Can.

  • bowiehockey55

    #12 is mine hehe

    • DangIt


  • Anonymous

    Fuckin 26….HILARIOUS…and disturbing at the same time!

  • LuckyAsianGirl

    #6 is a cute😉

    • DangIt

      Who is she?

  • *

    #6 target practice! Wish 27 was different angle too, 26 is disease for chive

    • DangIt

      Who is this girl?!?! SERIOUSLY!

  • anadmirer

    @ 31. thanks to ur pic i just did. thank you. really. great pic. i'll be thinking of it all day at work tomorrow.

  • Fish

    #26 – Oh God. Go back to posting the whale-people. That smile is the most fucking terrifying thing I have seen all day.

  • Reeses

    Wow who is #26?

  • DangIt

    I need to know who #6 is!

    • DangIt

      I can't FIND HER!!!!

  • Joe

    #24 is def the best!

  • http://chive mike


  • george

    #19, #24 and #29… by far the BEST out of the bunch… O_O

  • Jackson

    Oh my God!!!please find number 26 for me. I’m in love.

  • WaikikiWayne



    #18 Find Her

  • http://thechive mike g

    Want a piece of all of them

  • Bored

    Some of these pictures are over 10 years old… Get some new content.

    • Bored

      and you've posted several times

  • Marcis

    #7 #18 #23 #30 #32 sweet baby jesus MOAR

  • Katie

    Would love to munch #19 all day long🙂

    For more sexy girls visit xxxx

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #3 Constanta, Romania I assume!🙂

  • John

    #34 – who are you babe? You are making me so damn hard, and I’m running out of tissues!

  • Marcus

    #23 is in the perfect position!!!!!

  • sean

    haaagaaa gah gah

  • jode72

    #4. Definitely #4. And after that, a 33-way tie. Everybody's a winner.

  • David Hasselhorse

    #16 Should have been a Caturday feature.

    • David Hasselhorse

      And by 16 i meant #15. I enjoy 16 as well though.

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