• John

    First. Had to do it :]

    • josh

      ^ What a tool

  • josh

    ^ What a tool

  • Mandrup

    Aka, the prizzle is rizzle

  • Jay T

    I think she was more excited about the car than snoop dog.

    • Charlie_Cheen

      "That black man is trying to steal my car and I haven't even won it yet!"

      • Jay


    • SiT

      wouldn't you be?

  • Damien

    Find her? Just sayin..

    • pointgiven

      Isn't that the girl from Freaks & Geeks?

  • Junior

    seriously find her !!!

  • killer

    fuckin snoop!

  • myself

    "Who's got birds?" Then scans the crowd. Nice to see Snoop takes his Price is Right seriously.

  • sshuggi

    In the words of Will Ferrell, "Snoop-a-loop!!"

  • etcrr

    U gunna geet it U gunna lmao

  • Bustanut

    It’d be nice if Snoop showed up, stoned of course, to other critical events average people go through in life … it’s got the makings of a new reality show.

  • Kodos

    Bob Barker never needed hoods like this guy when he ran TPIR.

    Sorry, but FAIL.

  • Da Sandman

    i hate how americans always scream and exagerate their happiness

    • cod

      sorry that Afghanistan or whatever shitty desert country your from has nothing to get excited about

  • vandal

    Coolest bloke on the planet.

    • 4nbstd

      Ya, Drew Carey is the shizzle.

  • Corey

    thumbs for a Price is Right girls gallery!

  • Jay C

    It was to raise money for the Youth Football program…I applaud Snoop for what he is doing for the kids

  • BA420

    Snoop is for the kids! He's a good guy

  • rikooprate

    Best. Day. Ever.

  • Monkey Photog

    I saw this, Snoop was on fire! He is some kind of Price-is-right prodigy.

    • bill

      have you ever seen everybody hates chris? apparently black people know the price of everything

  • Carlos

    Snoop is the fucking man. lol @ that celebration.

  • Anonymous

    Good for her for winning that car that is a nice car

  • Tommy

    I'm glad she won the car YEAH!

  • Tilden

    They need to do a post on the Girls of The Price is Right

  • Anonymous

    That was cool

  • Andrew

    Gotta love snoop…

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