• The thinker


  • that one chick

    I can appreciate the subtlety of the Red Bull sponsorship.. I can't imagine this guy ever leaving the house without his Red Bull flatbill.

  • sketchent

    Pigeons made it ten fold better

  • TBT

    This is the kind of party trick some douche would pull outside a bar and you'd still want to throw a beer at him afterwards. If he'd climbed anything assassin's creed style as the title suggests I'd be a lot more impressed. This is just ballet in red bull clothes.

  • TBT

    This video is a part of the secret chive I can only access through my Google Reader feed. So mysterious.

    • Jester

      Or by clicking the videos tab on the homepage.

  • Matt

    Looks basically like free running….

  • wedding

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  • Melody_coastie

    So so hot I want to touch the hiney! 🙂

    • HGrow


  • SuperSoldier

    I’ve been to Mardin. Incredible place. The people were amazing. There’s a national history museum there with artifacts 4,000-5,000 years old, and a monastery, the Deyrulzaferan Monistiri, where some of this video was shot, just outside town that’s been active since 150-200ad. They’ve been so isolated from the outside world that they’re still teaching Aramaic. Eastern Turkey is just a mind-blowing place in general. There’s a lot of culture and world heritage there. It’s a place you should visit if you ever get the chance…

  • Cal1

    He needs Altair clothes to make the video good

  • Ezio Auditore

    Horrible. Parkour is getting from Point A to Point B in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Front flips and back flips don’t fucking help one bit and are fucking useless. This guy’s an idiot. Let David Belle loose on this majestic playgound and then you’ll have something worth watching.

  • Dont1panic

    At a glance i read the title as "Turkey Assasins – Creed Style" and though, "please god no"

  • lee johnson

    scouse Bastard!

  • Dr.Me

    He can do Paco for the rest of his life??

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