A 15 million dollar ski lodge in Whistler, Canada — Worth it?? (29 HQ Photos)


  • etcrr

    IF I had the money I might, it is a cool house

  • Brandon

    pretty sure this is the house that was used in one of MTV's "The Challenge" shows

  • Samuel

    Very nice house! A lot of money dough!!!

  • Waty

    15m? Yea right. Thats about a 1.5 – 2m house at best. The land it sits on must be worth the other 13million… Plus it's in Canada… That knocks off 50% at least.

  • piaras

    I dont like a house that tells me what to do…..eat, nap, play, etc
    And it even has a face #12

  • cmfp

    Who in the world would pay 15 mil for a ski lodge if it is not ski in/ski out. That is absurd.

  • Anonymous

    Waty, you obviously know nothing about the cost of things. The stone work alone inside and out is with 1.5 to 2 mil.

  • Nicole

    Totally worth it.

    • Jordan

      Looks like August was a great month for you, Kristen! But considering your biadthry is coming up so soon, September is looking pretty promising as well The best part about August for me was coming back up to school in Orlando. Although I do miss my family in Miami, I also missed the way of life up here as well!Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..

  • Sam

    is it ski in, ski out? because that is worth $15 mil. if you have to drive to the mountain in order to ski then it's just dumb.

  • kent

    A house of similar size in most US states would be maybe $3-5 mil.

  • Tdub

    The only reason its 15 million is the location. Real estate in Whistler is sky rocketing. All about the location

  • Rick

    Only if my wife is not allow in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1504347401 Jan Heřmánek

    Yup, worth every penny. Location, location, location.

  • shik

    You'd think someone smart enough to afford that kind of house wouldn't need reminders of what each room is for written on the wall… I know which rooms to eat, play, and nap in…

  • TheBatman

    WORTH IT! Like you wouldnt believe!!! Thats Whistler we're talking about, although you could go to the other side of the Rockies and knock maybe 5million off the price in the Banff area… hmmm…. now thats a steal! 😛 Well maybe for Bruce Wayne…. but the rest of us i guess not.

  • http://twitter.com/B_Abt @B_Abt

    totally worth it! I smoke BC bud all day everyday if i had that place

  • leapinlizards

    Considering a season's pass for skiing at Whis is probably up to $15,000,000 now anyways, hey, why not.

  • purvieWRX

    build a helicopter pad while youre at it

  • Todd

    Hi Julia,Thank god the weather filalny cleared at 12 o c’lock. Still, it’s really a shame the weather was so bad for most of your stay here. There certainly would have been more spectators today and the atmosphere would have been better today had the weather been better in the morning. Well you didn’t have your best day today too, but i nevertheless hope you liked your stay in Zwiesel and it was really cool to see you in action in real life.All the best for Garmisch,Tom

  • Loretta

    Amazing! This is indeed a luxurious lodge. It looks warm and cozy with the luxurious class. I heard that the fireplace is a challenge to maintain so chimney cleaning services is needed.

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