A Surprise Visit to Grandpa Will Warm Your Heart Right Up (Video)

Grandpa lives in Germany and usually he gets to see his family in the US every spring and fall. Unfortunately, health issues kept him away this year, so his daughter flew with her son all the way across the ocean for a surprise visit.

  • Anonymous

    Bahahahah. My first thought.

  • Jebus

    I did the same thing to my grandpa at that age… Didn’t go down so well

  • B

    Sad that you two would say that. Not chivers

  • B

    Meant first two comments

  • Anderson

    goddam dust in my eyes again

  • Brewer

    Cmon with negative comments douchers. Thats not practicing chivery very well. Stay calm.

  • B

    Amen Brewer

    • Bailey

      Why so self righteous? Who are you to make judgement on what others find funny?

  • Brian

    Makes me miss my grandpa :-/

    • http://www.jani.com jani

      this site is very fany

  • Anonymous

    I love this shit

  • Anonymous

    I thought that was so cool ! Thanks

  • Dave

    you can tell the first two comments are not chivers… real chivers are more respectful than that. Keep Calm and Chive On

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you’re not a real chiver, Dave. You ass bag

  • http://www.jani.com jani

    very funy

  • Anonymous

    Who’s cutting onions in here!

  • Khous655

    Old people love to sleep fully clothed and ready to go. My grandfather used to take naps in slacks and a sweater all the time. I always wondered why.

  • Jay$

    Your sissy comments, so offended by the the thought of thinking that old bag might be taking a wank, make me not want to be a Chiver. You can stare at tits, asses and nip shots all day? But to suggest this would be hilarious if gramps were punching the clown is too much for you?? Screw you! If you weren’t thinking that from about 5 seconds in, you’re a little bitch.

    • VanIsleChiver

      you're warped and can kiss the hairiest part o' me ass!

    • nothankyou

      That's the difference between real Chivers and douchebags; just because you might have been thinking it, doesn't mean you have to say it on something that's supposed to be heartwarming, yeesh.

  • Tristan

    There was a big smile on my face the entire video. kcco

  • MacTheLad

    That’s beautiful.

  • misschris

    Great reaction. I think my face is leaking a little… I miss my grandpa now! 🙂

  • jag

    Glad that they didn't gramps a heart attack.

  • Work is Daily

    My grandpas both died when I was young. This is awesome that grandpa gets so excited….

  • RDM

    Damnit Chive! Tearing up at work again… well played.

  • Steph

    This is why I love Chive. Had been having a rough day, but now all turned around. Thank you!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.wald kcford

    I got to see my grandpa the night before he died. He was too weak to even open his eyes. When they told him I was there he shouted my name with such joy. I’m glad I got to see him one last time, but that was an incredibly difficult evening. This video tugs at my heart strings. I miss my grandpa.

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