• Chris McRae

    Beautiful and simple. Loved this video. Thank you for posting…

  • Daknarian

    This brought a smile to my face…

  • @ZacRoach

    I remember running in and surprising my grandpa when I was that kids age. It was awesome! I miss those days…

  • Specter

    MANLY TEARS. THEY. ARE. MANLY TEARS. FUCK. I'm blubbering like an idiot…

  • Ryan T

    We can tell what your childhood consisted of !!

  • Shrapnel

    Awesome vid Chive. Many tears in my own grandfathers memory.

    please remove first 2 posts , they are "Not Chive Worthy"

  • Jethro

    Awesome vid. I remember surprising my paw-paw out at the ranch.

  • jaska

    you got minus 15 comments for that, but that made me laugh out loud!

  • Tom Ailes

    Heart warming

  • Bill G

    Just saw this. Very cool. Hard to tell who was happier, grandpa or the kid. Excellent.

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