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A Surprise Visit to Grandpa Will Warm Your Heart Right Up (Video)

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Grandpa lives in Germany and usually he gets to see his family in the US every spring and fall. Unfortunately, health issues kept him away this year, so his daughter flew with her son all the way across the ocean for a surprise visit.

  • Chris McRae

    Beautiful and simple. Loved this video. Thank you for posting…

  • Daknarian

    This brought a smile to my face…

  • @ZacRoach

    I remember running in and surprising my grandpa when I was that kids age. It was awesome! I miss those days…

  • Specter

    MANLY TEARS. THEY. ARE. MANLY TEARS. FUCK. I'm blubbering like an idiot…

  • Ryan T

    We can tell what your childhood consisted of !!

  • Shrapnel

    Awesome vid Chive. Many tears in my own grandfathers memory.

    please remove first 2 posts , they are "Not Chive Worthy"

  • Jethro

    Awesome vid. I remember surprising my paw-paw out at the ranch.

  • jaska

    you got minus 15 comments for that, but that made me laugh out loud!

  • Tom Ailes

    Heart warming

  • Bill G

    Just saw this. Very cool. Hard to tell who was happier, grandpa or the kid. Excellent.

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