Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

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  • Keith_D

    #22- This is why Johnny Depp is awesome
    #23- Excuse me, miss, but I think you left your headlights on…
    #36- This made me immediately think of the first American Girl With The Dragon Tattoo teaser trailer with Trent Reznor's cover of Immigrant Song blasting at full volume through the whole thing. God, that was an awesome trailer.

  • mith

    #1 Grandma, how old were you when you first swallowed?

  • jode72

    Last three shots. ummaGAwd.

  • anonymousvirus

    #48 cannot wait to get back in

  • kjwalle

    #23 i prefer the "hoosier chivettes"

  • Matt

    #34 Friendzone! Haha!

  • Devin

    #44 Better change those to Clemson undies…

  • Devin

    #38 sounds like she might have a thing for personal trainers… you should personally train her to give you a bj… ha

  • naido

    Friend zone level 9999999999999

  • WmShip

    #38 She's not getting in shape and working out with a personal trainer to make you weak in the knees… js.
    And to the asshole rant about the chive being racist, aint nobody got time for that.

  • Floyd

    #44. Yeaaaa Tigers. Awesome Louisiana Chivette.

  • Rick

    #20, quite possibly the hottest pic ever posted on The Chive. Ever.

  • Tyler Rauch

    #23 thanks purdue

  • http://twitter.com/LFGD1978 @LFGD1978

    #19 or #20 Alison Brie OMFG!!! (the only reason I watch Comunity😀 BTW…… don't know why she insist that those awesome b00bs are a C cup:-/

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