Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • Cyberfunker

    #23 Ridiculous Funny

    • Guz

      And ridiculous fake.

    • slappy

      you can see the cop cars stopped in the beginning of the video waiting for their cue to go

    • Phil

      I'm pretty sure it's from a movie, although I can't recall which one

      • porque

        I think it might be from The Town

        • Dcolbert

          I'm thinking it looks like Reno 9-11.

    • Careful

      Fake as hell, and 10 years old. How can someone who watches vids for a LIVING not know this old fake as hell clip?

      Must be a slow day and they needed filler.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #12 I read an article about this, the dog only played with it when someone was around. The guy who made it set up a counter on it, showing when it was being played with. It just goes to show you, the dog just wants to play catch with YOU, it doesn't care about the game.
    As long as its person was around, it would play. "Look at me!" 😀

    • A BiPolar Guy

      interesting. our dog used to throw it's chew toy across the room and then go pounce on it. I don't know if she ever did it when we weren't there of course.

      • Ricco

        The voices in my head told me that he played all the time.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #5 OMG! There's a whale behind you!

  • mgs1170

    <div class="idc-message" id="idc-comment-msg-div-255758852"><a class="idc-close" title="Click to Close Message" href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(255758852)"><span>Close Message</span> Comment posted. <p class="idc-nomargin"><a class="idc-share-facebook" target="_new" href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fthechive.com%2F2012%2F01%2F05%2Fdaily-morning-awesomeness-25-photos-30%2F#IDComment255758852&t=I%20just%20commented%20on%20Funny%20DMAs%20%3A%20theCHIVE&quot; style="text-decoration: none;"><span class="idc-share-inner"><span>Share on Facebook</span></span> or <a href="javascript: IDC.ui.close_message(255758852)">Close Message Man, Chive has become Reddit's little brother. Still loved, but full of the same shit a day later.

  • ChaseTheWalker

    Please let the girl sitting next to grandma be legal… #1

  • mgs1170

    Man, Chive has become Reddit's little brother.

  • Tyler

    #7 Father of the year candidate? I think so. You can only grow up to be awesome if you did things like this as a kid…or dead.

  • chetvik

    i love that

    • Trent


  • Tyler

    #24 Just when you think you have nature all figured out.

  • Oddie Monsta

    #25 wish I was there

  • Auz_E

    #23 cops just sitting there while they hopping in car… fake?

  • Bob

    I want #21, I spit coffee on my monitor when I saw #22

  • whyme1973

    #25 I love sunsets.

    • Pablo


    • robsterling

      What sunset?

    • Drunk

      Pleasssse don't tell me you're wearing pink and white, ewwww

  • jon

    #3 those are some excellent masturbation stations.

  • Guse


    Oh good, now I can't open my beer when I lose my remote for the eleventy bazillionth time.

    • Ricco

      Or….you could just buy twist-to-open bottles.

  • Eric

    #14 You don't have kids, feel free to lose yours when you get some though.

    • Paul_In_Ohio

      Eric, if you rely on a leash not to lose your kids, then maybe you should stop making babies. I have 2 kids and have never used a leash and guess what, haven't lost one yet.

      • VedHead77

        Neither has the clown-car vagina woman from 50 Kids and Counting. Kid leashes are stupid.

  • kC4LiF3

    must say, worst DMA yet.

  • oridotan

    Give those cops and awareness award

    • oridotan


  • Starr

    #11 is in Montreal in the China town area

    • ckret

      Hence the European licence plates……

    • Dandy

      Montréal (Québec) Canada?!?
      Definitely not!
      1. The car the guys are sitting in is not available in Canada
      2. All the cars have a european-looking lincense plate
      3. There’s no river crossing the chinatown in Montréal

      • Ricco

        Wow, such important information. Let the beavers have it.

  • LineHog

    #17 That would funny to see a Ref put in the Box, what happens then, the ultimate power play, 2 mins. no rules, anything goes.

  • supersporttdi

    #7 sleeveless shirt, cut off jean shorts with boots and a pontiac grand am? this doesn't say redneck/hillbilly or anything.

  • Battlestar

    I don't know where you guys are from 'butt' i miss the summer.

  • JC

    Pretty sure that’s World of Warcraft on the screens in #3, including the homepage on one monitor per side.

  • It'sJimmyYo!

    #25 Is sadly out of focus

  • islandboy

    39 xmas present …score

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