• Active_hunter

    Standard vampire rules still apply. Stake through the heart, cut off the head, burn the body….

  • Drew1720

    yuuuup just barfed in my mouth……….fucking sick chive

  • anon

    People like this exist?

  • Mikey

    You have got to be kidding me! Please tell me this is some stupid Russian for French girl and not an American, *please, please, please*. No American couldd possibly be that stupid

  • JtheProducer

    Umm yea, what else is there to say about that?

  • irons

    She's hot I'd risk it I just wouldn't eat at her house.

  • Michael Furman

    another stolen item from

  • Oatzfactor

    Thank god for diazapam when you see shit like this. That's why I do all the cooking.

  • Josh

    This is proof right here…. no matter how normal a woman appears… they are ALL bat-shit crazy. That dude is going to probably burn himself at the stake when he finds all this shit out

  • blueberry

    Ew! Kill it with fire!

  • Connor MacManus

    Fucking psycho.

  • Melody_coastie

    She has to be kidding! No one is really that crazy…right?

  • Adam

    Wow just disgusting, there are some crazy twilight people out there. Just have a UNDERWORLD or BLADE marathon.

    • Snail


  • uncle touchy

    OKAY! WHATEVER! let's get a little more creative on what we put on thechive!

  • Irish777

    It's people like this who are going to end the world in a year

  • Joe

    you need jesus in your life

  • Pete C


  • cywasi

    I would seriously punch that chick in the face soooo damn hard!!

  • crrobb

    doesn't matter had……. nope doesn't count

  • nojoke420

    You want to be a vampire? Fine. I am driving a stake through your heart.

  • bearkat34

    Holy Mary Mother of God.

  • someone

    This reminds me of my friend who thought a girl can get pregnant from a blow job…

  • GFY84

    Un….Fucking….Believeable…. Not that normal blood is any better but leftover period funk, C’mon!!!!

  • bisketz

    Bitches be crazy

  • Krystina

    I'm seriously nauseous right now. Like wtf is wrong with people

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