• Shawn

    What in the hell is wrong with some people?

  • Dan Kozacheson

    Sounds legit

  • john


  • Arnetia Nickens

    She needs to be committed.

  • Steve

    No, but he’ll turn into a homicidal maniac when he finds out what she’s been feeding him!

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  • Jason Z

    This is one of those cases where homicide is justifiable.

  • Fat rage!!!!

    WTF!!! Are you mental!!! He is gonna bust a nut when he finds out!

  • Edaea_Sinid

    Marinade and pasta sauce give away the trolling. The writing is still to good for someone with a lesser intellect. Clever and funny troll though. Kudos.

  • vanquish0916

    Obvious troll is obvious

  • brit_nicole87

    Literally threw up

  • rainwulf

    If you told the BF about this, im am sure he will say "im not a fucking vampire, and you are a stupid bitch"
    Seriously, thats fucking horrific.

    Please be trolling please be trolling…

  • Falthor

    damn good troll.

  • Keith

    If she's a vampire why is out in the daylight? It's clearly day time by looking at the window behind her!

    • Toby

      People on here keep saying somebody can't be that stupid. And, you think the girl in the room with all the Twilight Posters on the wall is the girl doing this sh_t. It's just a pic they put with the story, Yep, there are people that stupid, just found another one!

  • anonymous

    If Troll, very creative & absurdly fun. If real, I gotta go vomit…

  • Virulent87

    Ok, Im Out…

  • Ishouldnot Belooking

    Yes but…somebody had to write that troll crap…. not as funny as it should have been

  • Jawbone

    Here's hoping someone shoves a stake up that bitch.

  • Ryan

    this was basically my reaction from 23 seconds on

  • spartus


  • Taytortots

    are you fucking kidding me?!

  • Paul

    Wow, She should be staked and he should get tested…

  • Anonymous

    just find a guy who likes red wings

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Despite comments on the internet about the US – look at the news from any country, watch political spoof shows from other english speaking nations – people and politicians are everywhere the same. It's a bloody miracle we've made it this far. US did not need to "become" that dumb nor did any nation. There have always been tons of idiots and fools. THe big difference is now any idiot can parade it before the entire world on the internet. In the past you could only be a village idiot, now we have a global village.

    • Toby

      Well said, Bravo!

  • WellWellWell

    bitch is crazy

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