• Anonymous

    Not likely, but you’ve certainly won the “retard of the year” award.

  • obvious

    great. now you've made your BF a gay vampire as well.

  • shock-ed

    I had to manually put jaw back up against the rest of my face as It just stayed down in a state of awe just lingering that to this very moment, still exists.

  • ASh


  • bobby

    Stab ur self in the heart and see if u really r..

  • Jay$

    Happy to hear this bat shit crazy chick doesn’t want her bloody tampons to spoil before she sucks on them. (almost vomited before completing typing this comment). Her boyfriend deserves whatever he gets just for sitting through a “Twilight Marathon.” but may I suggest a “heavy flow” from your jugular in the future.

  • Anonymous

    This can’t be real. If it is, someone needs to contact an insane asylum

  • dewd

    This guy is never getting out of the relationship alive. LMAO

  • Joel

    There is one flaw in this troll's story… NO MAN ON EARTH would sit through a twilight marathon! NO MAN! It has got to be the worst thing I have ever had to sit through.

  • luffysp

    I thought the worst I read was a girl who made her boyfriend into Edward. She bought him the Volvo, had his teeth professionally sharpened, got the color contacts, et cetera. She only let him out at night and he couldn’t eat in front of her (because vampires don’t eat) and to top it all off they had a sick sexual game re-enacting the near kidnap/rape scene where Bella is approached by strange men and Edward races up in his car to scream “Get in!” (cause he stalked her there) and “save” her. Now, I thought that was the worst but MENSTRUAL blood. Dear God, that is disgusting. It’s so unhealthy too! It’s dead blood. If you’re gonna be a fake vampire at least slit your wrists and have it fresh. It’s healthier. 😛

  • copenhagen rocks

    I cant stop laughing! so disgusting

  • Femke

    If this is real, she should be considered mentally ill.

  • @MischeviousMads

    bitches be crazy!

  • Yosef

    I will now utter a prayer under my breath to the god of your choice either that this bitch either be trollin hard as fuck or that your god is trolling me with her existence in the first place.

    How's that for scary…a prankster god that will come up with this? You can start praying that she's trollin.

  • Matticus

    BURRGGHHHH! That's the sound i make when i am violently ill.

  • Da Sandman

    this is either really fucking sick or really fucking funny

  • bcit

    and who said that watching tv is not educational….

  • onekelevra

    I wish I fuckin turn to a Zombie and eat the shit of her….crazy bitch

  • Rick

    Her BF should punch her in da face…….hard………from up close……..till her eye falls out.

  • 2cool4skool

    My stomach just did a backflip.

  • Smootchie Scheff

    i have lost all faith in this species, i hope to god they're trolling.

  • Derek

    This is just down right depressing. I’ve have lost all faith in humanity…

  • Jacob

    I find this very difficult to masturbate to

  • wut?!

    LMAO! I love reading the comments….and yes, people are this stupid. Not surprised… :/

  • Anonymous

    The shit guys will do for a sniff of poon tang.

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