• shellbell

    This has to be a hoax. Come on do you really think this could possibly be real. Her face shows up on the posy She is either crazy or laughing at us all for buying it. There is no man that is that naive . She obviously has shown other signs of insanity that he would pick up on. This isn't true. Good laugh but that's it.

  • Danny

    Twilight is the ultimate American girl's fantasy. Just show up somewhere and some guy will totally flip out over you and do anything for you and you don't do SHIT in return. Just exist. That's what makes a popular movie. Twilight, notebook, titanic… Top grossing… girls just show up. At least Hermoine busts her ASS for Ron. Fuck these lazy whores.

    • Natalya

      The pictures are BEYOND EXPECTATIONS. They look so prtety and so real. The Bride, the Groom, everybody who attended to the wedding, the unforgettable moments as well as all the important details, were captured with such beauty that is like watching a movie with beautiful people. God Bless you both, Elsie and Wille.Richard and crew, enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. We, Raymond and I, were very impressed.

  • Anonymous

    If your a vampire, try killing yourself. They are immortal. And there is only one way to make sure you are one

  • Doah

    Ummm that poor guy!

  • Ali

    You’re psycho bitch
    1. Drinking your monthly blood is discusting and just wrong
    2. Feeding it to your bf is WORSE
    3. Period blood isn’t real blood. If you want REAL blood, cut your arm or something.
    Why would you suck on the tampon? TSS much
    Btw twilight sucks ass

  • Ali

    Its said that in order to make a vampire you need too feed them your blood, then kill them, and they come back
    Don’t try this at home kids

  • etcrr

    she needs help in the worst way

  • Mrs. Smith

    WTF is the matter with you? I can’t believe someone would be so fucken stupid to 1) believe in Twilight 2) suck on a tampon 3) feed it to another person. You need to stop watching that gay movie and see your doctor A.S.A.P. You should be locked up in a nice comfy white room with a nice white coat where you will not be able to harm another person by feeding that blood you fucken crazy bitch. Grow the fuck up and eat normal food. What do you really think that you glitter in the sun as well you glittery bitch.

  • Karissa

    Since you’re a huge Twilight fan, I’ll assume you read the official illustrated guide. Let me refresh a Q and A for you from the book..
    Q: How is Edward able to be around Bella when she has her monthly cycle?
    A: Edward is aware of what’s going on physiologically with Bella, but he is too much of a gentleman to ever say anything about it, and Bella would be too embarrassed to ask if he noticed or was bothered by it. (Let me bolden up this part for you..) THE BLOOD FROM A WOMAN’S PERIOD ISN’T THE SAME AS A CUT; IT’S NOT FRESHLY OXYGENATED, NOT FLOWING FROM THE HEART.

    What that means is if it doesn’t make him hungry, it won’t turn your ass… BUT, being a huge Twi-hard fan, you already knew that right? Dip shit..

  • Carly

    period bloods dont work and they stink

  • Greg

    Hmm..good idea for a twilight porn parody…hahah jk thts disgusting

  • Candiangel

    This, is not only wrong for YOU in so many ways it's wrong for your poor boyfriend

  • Rue

    I hope he sues the fuck out of you

  • Simply

    I REALLY hope people aren't that stupid and disgusting…and yeah…period isn't actually blood…

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