Leave it to Japan to create the weirdest trend EVER (35 Photos)

Via doorknobgirl


  • wallets

    look its very obvious… they can't show genitals by law, therefore they substitute the next closest thing – something short and stumpy.

  • Anonymous

    Wow slob my knob has a whole new meaning now …. It’s literal bummer

  • pg

    I wish I were a doorknob lol

  • KooKooKaChoo

    The worst part is, 18 + 35 were the most normal ones in this selection of photos…. :/

  • Anonymous

    The Japanese. As close to alien as we’re going to get.

  • mullex

    Think about the approximate height of the doorknob. It's giving guys a visual of the girl on her knees, without being deemed porn. Pretty much like "burn bra" without being labeled porn.

  • Mirrorshades

    Ugh. Think of the germs, ladies! So gross… I can only hope that they were properly disinfected.

  • skinger

    All I know is that this beats the holy-hell out of "planking." I'm OK with it.

  • skinger

    Anyone can polish a doorknob… but can they take the chrome off a trailer hitch?

  • Hector

    Talk about pictures dying to be shopped!!!

  • http://theChive John. A-Team gpor crew

    I don’t fucking get it….

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  • DanTheMan10

    #27 #28

    Same girls?

  • Anonymous

    Next trend: window licking.

  • pat

    Dangerous trend, think of all the broken teeth! everytime someone comes through the door, Ouch!

  • Anonymous

    They are practicing can't you see!!

  • Calvin

    Where is Kramer when you need him?

  • drmzindec

    Doesn't count if its all the same girl! lol

  • el_rusius

    Japanese dicks are too small, so substitute is acquired.

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  • Glaspotron

    …and this is how new super AIDS 2.0 was created

  • Anonymous

    *sigh* only in Japan…..

  • Kenzonlyne

    Well, you gotta give ’em an A for grasping English. I mean, I’m sure someone told them to “give my knob a nice wet kiss.” But see, it’s just an expression, girls! Dear God, what would a “blow job” look like?

  • Slimslacker360

    "Slob on my nob"

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