• dick zinia

    Ya but he’s been break dancing in a sweatshop since he was 4 months old for 18 cents a day.

  • Anonymous

    That’s sick that kids is compareable to the pop n lock video on the great wall. I love seeing stuff like this makes me feel young again!

  • SteveMcQueen

    the result of jabbawockeez reproducing….sensational

  • man-a-mal

    Lil man is no joke on any coast even at his age,you can only imagine how good he will be in a few more years…

  • neko

    Isn't easier when they are young?
    They are lighter and more flexible. Part of the reason under than 16's can't compete in the Olympics as it's considered cheating. Which the Chinese are suspected have done in the Beijing 2008.

    Bet this kid is good at it because he makes a living off it.. i.e. pro.

  • ChuckC

    Lmao @ dick zinia comment. Man that’s funny. Horrible but funny.

  • Saying

    Talented kid. The pros are good natured to laugh at the end.

  • Chris

    D-Trix I choose you

  • swmilder

    @neko Yeah it is easier for little kids to learn to do more moves because their bodies are more flexible and I think also since it's something new coming to their body they haven't established movements like someone starting when a teenager

  • GFY84

    No one sees the chunker father in the black t-shirt? Pops is totally pushing his son to do what he cannot do anymore!

  • Cal1

    Kudos to the fella for carrying on and beings good sport

  • http://www.youtube.com/MichaelWarbux Michael Warbux

    Absolutely amazing!

  • weas

    it on youtube?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=541685865 Nromas Irsnub

    I knew he was Asian before I saw the vid

  • mike hawk

    looks like "old white gets owned by professional break dancer" should be the title

  • Arriess

    Doesn't matter, had sex

  • etcrr

    they both had astounding moves

  • guest

    The kid is ALSO a pro bboy named Lil Demon and has been dancing for quite a while. They are both part of the same bboy crew. Lil kid or not, he has skill. The post makes it seem like he was some random kid that jumped into a competition….far from the truth. This was an event held in Hawaii.

  • martynosa

    No way he could win, kids asian

  • jrb

    What is that sound at the beginning of the video? Doesn't come up in Shazam.

  • Anonymous

    Sick, good sportsmanship, damn if u do damn if u don’t !!!!

  • satnam

    he just killed it.

  • Jahat

    Difficurty rever: Asian. Kid doesn't count

  • mudkip

    and this guy owns them all: bitly.com/IKnPAn – on a side note, that kid was pretty good 🙂

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