Take a photo of your weapon and send it in right now! (103 Photos) UPDATE: SESSION CLOSED

We've heard your demands to bring back out popular crowd sourcing posts. Unfortunately, we had to stop doing them months ago because we were overwhelmed with submissions and lacked the manpower to keep up (Mac the Intern is illiterate). But they've always been our favorite posts and we're going to try to bring them back every other Thursday.

Today, simply snap a photo of the item to your immediate left. For better or worse this will be your only weapon for the impending zombie apocalypse.


Instead, Send the photo to chiveonthursday [at] gmail [dot] com.

Bob, Mac, and myself will be fielding your submissions and posting them as they arrive. Check back to see your weapons of choice. Chive On!

SESSION CLOSED Please stop 😦


  • John Johnson

    #42, Is that Windows 95?

  • 4time2smoke0

    #88 is that a DQ spoon?????

  • chiver

    no way, we have the same sex doll…what are the odds. #55

  • Nishtai

    #34 well, they look like they could cut through glass, so maybe they cut through zombies too

  • alec

    …..goddamn it. all i had was a blank wall….. most useless thing ever. doesn't even stop the koolaid man…

  • Generic User Name

    #14 I am almost positive is at Verizon Wireless' engineering offices in/around new Orleans.

  • flibble

    damnit, should have sent my pic in!

  • mojo420jojo

    #62 #64….
    It’s about fukin time Chive, us stoners Chive also.

  • Swerdna

    22 nice HP

  • AlbinoCarlucio

    #51 #69
    Ahhhhhh the Avaya Office phone…. works everytime 😀 Chive on From the UK!!!! Much Love chivers xx

  • koop

    So 38 is anyone else wondering why someone would need to have a rubber fist right beside their computer? And why they would show the world.

  • Kenshua5

    I feel bad for #42 using Windows 98

  • kawikka

    #7 Apparently someone with a small penis with a collection like that.

  • vince

    #17 A nut sack?

  • survivor42

    I f#%$ing love theChive! And this right here.. is exactly why. Brilliant, so who's gonna survive the zombie apocalypse I wonder? My moneys on #1 and his fellow bobble-head weilders!

  • AnimeEyes19

    #94 hell yea! If you were Macgyver! XD

  • Brian

    Ha ha ha look at all the douche bags with airsoft m4a1’s at least the cop has the real deal chive on from a redneck whos 30 30 sleeps on his left

  • James Bond

    #82 Trigger discipline ever heard of it?? You'll shoot your eye out kid…

  • Olorin

    #34 The last thing I would do with her is fight zombies.

  • Liam

    #32 is armed 2 the teeth

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