Unlike ‘Passenger 57’, I always bet on red…heads (40 Photos)

  • axpTheta

    Thought I was in love with #14 until o scrolled down to #36 ❤

  • john

    If you really think the chive isn't racist or loving whites only look at the history of their photo blogs.

    Putting this asian post about licking things is a subtle way for the Chive to get user comments about small asian penis's etc. They are enabling racist comments from users.

    It's really disgusting that the chive only puts white women usually. And then people think it's ok when they put 1 black girl or asian girl in a post full of white women. Or a pandering post called " Black is Beautiful" I mean seriously? Most of you are smart. How can you not see right through this? Its so blatant attempt to be like, "HEY WE ARE NOT RACIST! SEE!!! WE SAY BLACK PEOPLE ARE BEAUTIFUL!!"

    It's like people saying, I"m not racist, i have one black friend.

    Shame on chive

    Also the chive tried to censor me. NOT TODAY

    • Blackout

      you're stupid. just saying…

      • john

        you're an idiot blackout just saying

    • frank

      wait only one black friend? you racist, that one black friend is just a cover up right?!?!

  • nosss

    it's funny the chive will censor a dude for calling out blatant racism and favortism for white women. But when cocks say racist ass shit on here, they allow it. HMMMM

  • Blackout

    I just fell in love with #7

    …aaaaaand #22!

    I'm open for a three way relationship, just saying!

  • is awesome

    #9 #19 #24 please sir i want moar

  • Anonymous

    #36 best red head ever, moar

  • Retoñao

    the cosplay chicks are amazing as fuck

  • juan

    #3 need her own post

  • even nice guys have a douchey side

    #17…. i love you

  • dragon30

    #30 #36 #39 hot hot hot

  • http://www.fark.com APBTFan

    Someone has a bright future working for Jesse Jackson.

  • Chunk Pants

    I don’t care what the chive post as long as I never see something about feet.

  • Jstutz13

    #13, Marry me… no seriously 😀

  • Wade

    #3 find her. More please!!!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t 18 a Natzi?

  • matt

    I just fell love # 18…. now to break the news to my Gf haha

  • smokadabongo

    #36 wiiiins and john looses because he is creating an idea of racism in his head around something that isnt at all just to to have something to bitch about. there are real problems in the world asshole. chive posting beautiful chicks, regardles of what nationality or hair color, is not one of them. u should be banned from chive

  • Jay

    Number 40, find her!!!!! Then, SOON!

    Get off your racist chair and harden up John, concrete of any colour will do.

  • Chad

    #13 GIF Please!

  • Detaildeviant

    #40 is Cintia Dicker. She is an Smericsn Eagle & VS model.

  • Detaildeviant

    #40 is Cintia Dicker. She is an American Eagle & VS model.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha buddy spelt Nazi with a “t” in there Hahaha jokes

  • big red

    can't get past #21

  • Coco

    Someone always try’s to fuck up something good.

  • hernan

    #24 does it for me

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